Happy Endings~On Hold

Sequel to Swapping My Love~ "So you're back again?" A deep voice that I know so well pulls me back to reality; cold, deep, painful reality where I know that all those months ago, he left me.
Abby, now being a seventeen year old, has to go back to the Malik's house for Summer, this programme picking up from where it left off months ago. But when a certain Mr. Zayn Malik comes home, what can Abby do? Fall for him again or leave him hanging like he did to her?


2. Wally's house, I mean mansion!

The next day I find myself yanking my suitcase along with me as I follow Waliyha, who is speeding away from school and towards the SUV. She opens the boot and signals for me to throw my case in; I take a deep breath before lugging it up onto my knee and balancing it with my leg for strength. Eventually it lands with a satisfying thump into the boot. Thank god for Waliyha, she's staying with me tonight for support. Even though she’s convinced me that he wont be there. The car ride is quiet but not awkward, some times like these both Waliyha and I get lost in our own thoughts, the silence is peaceful. We pull up at her massive house. As I walk into the foyer, the familiar scent of lavender and jasmine hits me like a blow to the senses. I stare at the staircases going up either side of the neat foyer, the big chandelier still in its spot. The white wallpaper is oddly calming and I almost get a feeling of longing for this house, well scratch that, mansion. The small round table in the middle of the staircases and directly placed under the chandelier is supporting a big vase holding beautiful flowers. No doubt real, I resist the urge to run over and sniff them. I need to get it together, I feel misplaced in this place, it’s just so big!

I follow Waliyha straight ahead, past the flowers and into the next room that you can briefly see from the front door. We turn the corner and dump our schoolbags in the fancy dining room before Waliyha grabs my suitcase and helps me up the stairs. Waliyha leads me up to the same floor of bedrooms that I slept in last time, except this time it’s slightly different. She follows my gaze around the hall, the marble tiles were beige/cream in the foyer but these are black and white decor. The doors aren’t matching; they’re all unique in their own ways. Waliyha excitedly does a jump of joy and grabs my hand, dumping my case on the floor. She drags me past her room and Zayn's, as seen as their doors are right across from each other and stops right in front of the room I slept in last time. Also addressed as the guest room but this time, it’s different. The old door is replaced by a new white panelled one, fresh-looking and pretty. Waliyha watches my reaction as she twists the hilted door-knob and swings open the door, I gasp at the beauty. It literally takes my breath away; the room has been totally redecorated. The furniture, the walls, everything!

The old bed has been replaced by a rose pink four poster bed, the covers white with a striped pink and grey comforter. The pillows matched the colours of the bed and covers, a mix and match of pinks, black and whites. The black oddly matched it all, which sounds strange but looks utterly beautiful. The bedside locker has been replaced with a fashionable white one and a spiral lamp is sitting on it. The base of the lamp is white and spirals out, displaying round shapes. The lamp shade gives that crackle effect like the crackle nail polish Waliyha loves; yet again the lampshade is the exact colour of the pink pillows and the bed frame. The chandelier covering the light bulb is a cluster of round pieces of crystals shaped like flowers, making it look like a beehive of crystal flowers. The light shining looks like hundreds of mini rainbows. The other side of the bed is almost mirrored to one I'm standing at, the same bedside locker is there and the same lamp. The wallpaper behind the bed and lockers is black, with the same colour pink on it, the colours take shape of flowers, I recognise the ovalish shape of the pinks and realise its lavender, except pink. The pink is a contrast from the black background, the stems of the pink lavender flowers are done in a royal blue, not standing out as much as the pink but standing out enough for you to see it there. The window panes are all white and fresh looking, fitting in with the covers on the bed and the bed-side lockers. Right under the white-paned window is a long white cabinet which gives an effect of being divided in three. The bit in the middle is for design, a white piece with an uneven surface. The uneven parts are shaped in circles to give a bubble effect. The other two sides are presses, three drawers exactly each. So six altogether, the top of the drawers are sporting a silver rim, probably a spot to place your fingers when pulling the drawers out. A white porcelain vase is placed on the cabinet holding clusters of beautiful white flowers. The vase is among other nice things placed there for decoration, all of it matching the bedroom’s décor of course. The blind is white with a thick pink lining, of course the same pink as the rest.

I spin towards Waliyha who is standing in the doorway, a smug grin sneaking on her face, her parents appear at the door grinning. Patricia speaks up,

“Hope you like it, Waliyha gave us an idea of what you like.” I spin, my mouth hitting the ground,

“This is for me?” It’s impossible to hide my shock; the three of them nod and laugh. I nearly faint but before I can even thank them, Waliyha cuts in,

“Wait til you see my room!” Then she grabs my arm and drags me in the direction of her room, my mind still not registering the shock I just went through.

Sorry guys for not updating in FOREVER!!!! So sorry for the short chapter xox hope ye enjoy!!!

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