Happy Endings~On Hold

Sequel to Swapping My Love~ "So you're back again?" A deep voice that I know so well pulls me back to reality; cold, deep, painful reality where I know that all those months ago, he left me.
Abby, now being a seventeen year old, has to go back to the Malik's house for Summer, this programme picking up from where it left off months ago. But when a certain Mr. Zayn Malik comes home, what can Abby do? Fall for him again or leave him hanging like he did to her?


1. Same partners?!

Abby's P.O.V:

I trudged down the corridor of our boring school, only one more week left and summer holidays; just great, just splendid. Sure enough, Waliyha and I have held on to our friendship and recently gotten closer ever since this stupid P.I.C.L programme but nightmares of him still haunt me ever since my seventeenth birthday that they held for me. It puzzles me really, how one minute he can confess his undying love for me and the next he’s off to America for some stupid concert. But sure, what did I honestly expect coming from a world-astounded pop sensation that would rather die than be seen with someone like me. Ever since then, things have actually gotten worse. Because of him and his big mouth, the populars of the school found out and have been constantly bothering me. I wouldn’t call it bullying but I would exactly call it messing either, its just plain bitchyness and I wouldn’t expect anything less from that pile of idiots. I keep my head down and make my way to my locker as fast as I can, trying to make a record timing of not getting caught up by them but I thought too soon.

There they are, standing right by my locker and giggling non-stop while I walk by. I shake my head and puff my side-fringe out of my eyes, my books can't wait til’ later. I dive into the bathrooms and lock myself in a stall before pulling my phone out, you may guess that I'm going to text Tammy but no; she and I kinda fell out ever since the whole thing with- dare I say, Zayn. She hangs around with that Jenny one nowadays and I couldn’t be happier, I knew that our friendship was going to end. She started getting meaner and started asking me things like why I can't do something with my sense of fashion and choices of men. That was just the start of her changing; she has changed so much in the last month that I don’t even recognise her anymore. She dyed her hair, it’s actually incredible. She firstly got her hair dyed a lighter shade of brown and then dip-dyed blond, and then she went over the bottom of the blond dip-dye with hot pink dip-dye so the result of her hair is; brown hair with blond and pink dip-dye. It’s as simple as that, well as crazy as that. It’s certainly a bold statement.

Who I am actually texting is Wally, yes. What shocked me the most when Zayn left and I returned home to my own house is that Waliyha ditched all the popular bitches and idiots and decided to stick by my side through thick and thin. She really is a great friend; she always gets me in a good mood after the popular girls getting me down in the dumps. I love her like she's my sister, she mainly comes to my house for sleepovers and stuff cus ever since Zayn left me, I haven’t had the guts to walk back into her house for fear of him being there. I still have nightmares of him every night, mostly consisting of him leaving me and telling me I'm not good enough and not enough for his Bad Boy attitude and I'm cramping his style.

Come to our spot. Xox

-W :)

I smile down at Wally’s text before leaving the stall and walking back out into the corridor. I come to school early every morning to meet up with Waliyha and talk; and also to get my books out before all the popular girls come but I think they caught me out. I walk past the canteen, all the classes and the entrance to the staff lounge before coming to one of the many back doors of the school. I push it open and wince under the blast of the cold English wind; I walk around the school and past the teacher’s car-park. I nearly trip as I stumble down the steep hill and walk to the basketball courts, I walk across them until I come to the shade in the big oak trees. Waliyha is standing there shivering, clutching her coat around her tightly. Her teeth are chattering, I smile and dive in under the over-grown trees that the care-takers don’t bother to cut. She finds a low tree branch and sits herself on it before knotting her hands together under her knees. I climb one of the other old trees and I too, sit on a branch. She clears her throat and smiles at me apologetically.

“I know you’re stressing the summer.”

I nod quietly while biting my lip, she grins at me before nodding too. I cough lightly before replying as matter of fact.

 “Well, honestly; my mum tried to get me another partner.”

Waliyha pretends to be saddened by my words; we both burst into fits of giggles. I lean back laughing, I grab for the tree as I slip and nearly fall off the branch; I'm hanging from the tree, my head upside down. Waliyha leans over laughing, she clutches her stomach. I check the time on my phone before gulping,

“Wally come on we gotta go! We’re nearly late!”

She suddenly stops laughing and jumps right off her branch before rushing over and helping me off. We both speed-walk up the steep hill past the basketball courts and to the back door of the school. She pauses, turning to me.

“Are we really late?”

She glances around to reveal everyone taking their time while walking into school; I bite my lip and go red. She hits me playfully on the arm,

“I’m gonna get you for that!”

I nod smiling and follow her into the school, a blast of warm air hitting us in the faces. Waliyha stands by the radiator for ten minutes before deciding we need to get our books. A few people have gathered around our lockers as we rush to get our books, there’s a few nerdy girls hanging about which attracts the popular’s attention instead of us.

I'm still stuck with Mr. Parker for roll call, added benefits is that Waliyha is that class too. But so is Amie Blake, and her little pose of idiots. I take a seat and wait for Wally to come in, she sits beside me smiling as Mr. Parker begins the roll call.

 I'm halfway through Mr. Kents’ German class when Mrs. Waters, our principal walks in. She has a few sheets of paper in her hands and she’s smiling broadly. All of the snotty, popular girls at the back clasp their together like saints and smile like angels, as if butter could melt in their mouths. I smile at Mrs. Waters who nods at me, she knows my mum personally. She clears her throat and nods at Mr. Kents before speaking up to all of us.

“So as you all know, our P.I.C.L. programme is starting up again fro the summer to physically improve all your lives and to give you all a chance to literally walk in someone else’s shoes. So this summer you will all have the same partners except the minute you come out of school tomorrow, you will go to their house. There will be no need for the two of each pair to stay at one’s designated house for two nights like last time we tried it. Well, unless you’re all having sleepovers or whatever yes, you can.”

She nods at the class and apologises for interrupting German before closing the door softly behind her. I glance nervously over at Wally who gives me the thumbs up, oh how I wish we had new partners, I cannot take a whole summer of this.

Okay so if you guys havent notcied, Abby is 17 and so is Waliyha. I sped up time a little but kept Zayn the same age as he is now. :) comment what ye think?! xoxox :)

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