The Responsible One

Every Big Brother or Sister has 'their' day where their younger sibling asks you to play with them... you do... but then after doing what THEY tell you to do, they grass on you to your parent and you get the speech of 'You're older, you should now better' whereas it WASN'T your fault. Yeah we've all been there and this is about a Big Sister and what ya know she has a little sister and I wonder what will happen when they're sisterly bond is taken to the limit?


2. Trouble

I traipsed down the stairs, keeping silent but confident, that I was going to prove her wrong. I approached the closed door, that lead to the living room. I could faintly hear the two voices, my Dad and little sister's. 'She also scratched me, and it really hurt' I could hear her annoying, moany voice, that she used to evoke sympathy from everyone. It worked on them, but certainly not me. When I got to the end of the stair case my dad turned towards me. 

'What happened?' he asked me.

'We were only playing,' I answered stubbornly.    

'You have to be more careful, she is ten years younger than you. Your too rough with her,' he stated.

'This is why I don't play with her, she wants me to play tag and when I catch her she whines, and cries, and says that I hurt her,' I answered.

'You did hurt me,' she whined back.

I rolled my eyes at her statement, she was the typical whiney six year old. Sometimes I wished to kill her, sometimes I wished she never existed, sometimes I wished she was never part of this family, the thing is I loved her really- though it may be hard to believe- I did.

'For god's sake, would you give it in already? The whole if I put on a cute, sympathetic whiney voice that everyone will love me more and believe me' I was sick of it... her act she constantly performed.

'Sarah! Don't be rude to your little sister' my Dad had a slight tone to his voice.

'It's just not fair she gets everything her way, I can't stand it. She is so annoying!' I shouted this time.  Breanna had tears streaking down her face, but I didn't care. I was done with it.

'You hurt me though,' she screamed her voice breaking at the end. 

'Want to know what hurt me,' I said, 'When you born, but I have to live with something worse than a!' Okay so maybe that wasn't very smart to say to a six year old, now the tears were really falling.

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