The Responsible One

Every Big Brother or Sister has 'their' day where their younger sibling asks you to play with them... you do... but then after doing what THEY tell you to do, they grass on you to your parent and you get the speech of 'You're older, you should now better' whereas it WASN'T your fault. Yeah we've all been there and this is about a Big Sister and what ya know she has a little sister and I wonder what will happen when they're sisterly bond is taken to the limit?


3. The Chase Is On

'Sarah!' My Dad exclaimed 'Now come here and give your little sister a hug,' Dad said this with a tone of voice that meant you had to do it. I sighed and walked over to my little sister, arms open for a hug. I watched as she grinned deviously at me and ran into my open arms.

'See? This is what I'm talking about!' I yelled at my Dad, arms crossed, trying to prove a point.

'Look... I know she's a handful,' I nodded in agreement, 'but you have to let little kids win, and if they don't, know what happens. Now you can either go up to your room for the rest of the day, or play with your sister outside.' Dad said in a soft but harsh tone.

'I'll play outside,' I grumbled, barely audible as I walked towards the door.

'And this time...let her win!' Dad shouted at my back as I went back out into the garden.

After Breanna excitedly skipped out the door into the garden, I forcefully closed the door, it gave off a loud bang which caused Breanna to jump. She could see I was really annoyed with her, she gave a small grin before saying... 'Let's play chases again'. I rolled my eyes before nodding and beginning to chase after her. 

I only done a light jog, trying to abide by my dads rule of letting her win...I hated it... she has to learn that the real world isn't like this, that the real world doesn't always let you win.

A/N- Sorry there hasn't been an update in a long while, I ran out of things that I get annoyed at my little sister for but there has been a whole year of things that I can use now *evil laugh*.  So just wanted to know what you all think so far and also if you have any little things that annoy you about your sibling (younger or older) just leave it in the comments and I may use some of them to keep the story goin. TTMF!


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