The Responsible One

Every Big Brother or Sister has 'their' day where their younger sibling asks you to play with them... you do... but then after doing what THEY tell you to do, they grass on you to your parent and you get the speech of 'You're older, you should now better' whereas it WASN'T your fault. Yeah we've all been there and this is about a Big Sister and what ya know she has a little sister and I wonder what will happen when they're sisterly bond is taken to the limit?


1. The Chase

'Hey, I'm gonna catch you!'

'No you won't' her long, brown hair swished as she turned her head -her blue eyes glistening in the light- and cheekily stuck her tongue out at me. That's it, I was SO gonna catch her.

I was only jogging, whereas she was running as fast as a 6 year old could. I could tell she was tiring out, I could see her slightly slowing, I could hear her breaths getting heavier and heavier. It was a beautiful summers day, not a cloud in the sky, not too warm, due to the nice cool breeze -causing our hair to flow behind us, like the soft waves of the ocean. 

I was nearing closer and closer to her. She was almost in my grasp I reached both my arms out and wrapped them around her -spinning her around a few times- squeezing her tightly. She let out a scream and then 'Sa-arah, let me go!' she yelped.

'What, so you can get away again? No way!' I replied with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

She squirmed and complained a little before getting from my grasp, she didn't run, she looked at me with... this... look on her face, one I would only see when...

'I'M TELLING DAD ON YOU!!!' she practically screamed at me, she really could be an angry,bossy, 6 year old. She stormed off and I followed her telling her we were only playing the game SHE wanted me to play, and it was silly to tell on me for something so stupid, she wouldn't listen just kept saying 'Go away' or 'Leave me alone'. I was SO in trouble. 

When we got in, I traipsed up to my room hoping she was just kidding me. Who was I kidding? she was going to tell on me and I knew it.

I reached the safety of my beloved room, and silently but quickly closed my door. I was safe... THANK GOD! And then I heard it...

'SARAH!!!, GET IN HERE NOW!!!' I heard my Dad yell from downstairs, I shuddered at the sound of his strong voice, what kind of talk was I gonna get now: the your older, you should know better; the you should be more responsible your nearly 16; or the whole shebang. I wonder I wonder.



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