will you ever love me like i love you?

Hi i'm Niall Horan theres this girl Lia shes so beautiful but she just can't see that. One day she will know just how beautiful she is and i plan on being the one who proves it. she needs someone in her life everyone else has left, but no not me i plan on being there forever!


2. the day i saw her

i remember the day she walked in she looked so scared, she looked so sad by just looking in her eyes you can see so much pain!

"a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather i was prayin that you and me might end up together its like wishing for rain as we stand in the desert but i'm holdin you closer than most because you are my heaven" she is so talented i can hear her singing she also plays the guitar, drums and piano she sounds like an angel but she just doesn't realise it. oh by the way my names niall. 

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