will you ever love me like i love you?

Hi i'm Niall Horan theres this girl Lia shes so beautiful but she just can't see that. One day she will know just how beautiful she is and i plan on being the one who proves it. she needs someone in her life everyone else has left, but no not me i plan on being there forever!


5. packing

i grabbed my cases from the top of the wardrobe, i started with my clothes i didn't have many but it will be fine i folded them neatly and then grabbed my other bag and started packing my other things i packed a picture of my mum and dad, my headphones, ipod and phone and my lyric book and my pencil case. i had barely any makeup but i packed it anyway my one lip gloss, liquid eye liner, mascara, foundation and my black nail polish. i think im all done. there was a knock at my door and i slowly got up i shakely opened the door phew its only niall. "umm..hi" i said "urgh hi" he replied awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck "umm can i help you with anything?" i asked "uh oh no umm i made you this." he passed me over a CD it had a picture of him on the front and it said 'i will miss you' i looked up and smiled at him "i made it so you can listen to it if you ever feel sad or scared" he said smiling but mine soon faded "oh niall im sorry.." "why what's up don't you like it?" he said with a tear in his eye "no, no i love it! its just i don't have a CD player" i said sadly he went through all this trouble and i can't even listen to it. "you can have mine" he said with a smile, god why is he so generous and kind! things were just getting good when kirsty came upstairs and said that it was time for me to go "i.. i love you niall"

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