will you ever love me like i love you?

Hi i'm Niall Horan theres this girl Lia shes so beautiful but she just can't see that. One day she will know just how beautiful she is and i plan on being the one who proves it. she needs someone in her life everyone else has left, but no not me i plan on being there forever!


3. i wish i could get adopted

*Lia's p.o.v*

i wish life was different all i want is someone to love me but i know no one ever will i have wavy brown hair and sea blue eyes i have cuts and scars all over my arms i'm not proud of it i wish i could take every cut away but what else is there to take the pain away i have no shoulder to cry on only a pillow no one there to hold my hand no one there to hug me when i'm scared... i have no one.

i want to get adopted i really do but i don't want to ruin a family life... everyone who comes in takes one look at me and says no sorry. do you know how much i have some good friends here there my closest thing to family if i had to stay here forever then i guess i'll be happy.

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