Letters To Niall Horan

Dark curls underneath a green beanie,
Voice as dark as the sea,
Two beautiful green emerald eyes,
That was the man, who had murdered me.

My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see, and now I've lost everything. Family, Friends, but most importantly, I lost my best friend Niall Horan, Until I picked up a pen and paper. Now he knows I'm out there, and there is nothing I can do about it. But if Niall knows, then so does the man, who murdered Niall's sister, and wants to kill me.


13. Those Are My Glasses

*Niall's POV*

"No, I can't be your girlfriend, I'm sorry"

The simle from my face quickly faded, as she ran upstairs. I could see everybody's eyes on me, but I would not let them watch me cry. I ran outside, and slammed the screen door. I went up onto that damn hill again, and cried. Angry at 3 people-Harry, Paige, but mostly I was mad at me.

*Paige's POV*

I cried, and cried, and cried. I was mad at Harry for bringing it up. I was mad at Niall for being so damn irriesistable. I was mad at emerald eyes for making my life a living hell. I was mad at myself for disobeying all the rules except for this one. And I was mad at my eyes for running out of tears, because that meant I had no  reason to hide up here anymore. I quickley got changed into:


and ran downstairs, glasses covering my red puffy eyes.

"Paige, those are my glasses" I slowly turned around, keeping my head down.

"Can I give them back later?"

"I want them now"

"Can't I just use them for a little while?" I asked, slightly annoyed

"No, I want them now" now, I was pissed.

"Fine, have your damn glasses" I said taking them off and throwing them at her.

I looked her straight in the eye, and her smile faded as quickly as it came.

"This is what you want right? for me to walk out there and feel bad? Well let me tell you this, doing that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. ever harder than leaving him the first time. I have never EVER cried this much in my entire life. So yea, let me go out there and lie to him, like I have been for the past 3 years"

She was silent, then spoke up. "What do you mean, lie to him?"

"Well, The police men have been lieing for me, and saying that I was dead. And I really do love him, I just am not allowed to- I guess, and that';s why I said I can't, not I won't."

Nobody dared speaking, and I knew the tears were coming up again, I ran out of the house, only to be stopped by a very big suprize.









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