Letters To Niall Horan

Dark curls underneath a green beanie,
Voice as dark as the sea,
Two beautiful green emerald eyes,
That was the man, who had murdered me.

My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see, and now I've lost everything. Family, Friends, but most importantly, I lost my best friend Niall Horan, Until I picked up a pen and paper. Now he knows I'm out there, and there is nothing I can do about it. But if Niall knows, then so does the man, who murdered Niall's sister, and wants to kill me.


9. crap.

Niall's POV-

I knew exactly what I said, and I meant everyword of it.

I don't know WHY I said it, I just did.

I decided to play dumb, I knew she didn't feel the same way. That's why she broke up with me, right?

But she was acting wierd, Like what I said broke her, or some girly shit like that. I wasn't really sure how to feel about this anyways, until I walked into the door.

She was changed suprizingly fast, and standing there.

Her perfect hazel brown skin over her shoulders, flawless chocoalate brown eyes. Her amazing figure, and perfect amout of make-up.

Crap. I was in love with my best friend.

And I was in DEEP.

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