Letters To Niall Horan

Dark curls underneath a green beanie,
Voice as dark as the sea,
Two beautiful green emerald eyes,
That was the man, who had murdered me.

My name Is Paige Walker, well now it's Madison Loyette. I saw something that I wasn't supposed to see, and now I've lost everything. Family, Friends, but most importantly, I lost my best friend Niall Horan, Until I picked up a pen and paper. Now he knows I'm out there, and there is nothing I can do about it. But if Niall knows, then so does the man, who murdered Niall's sister, and wants to kill me.


4. Clues

Paige's/Maddi's P.O.V.

I woke up in the Baker's guest room. Last night was a little fuzzy, but I did remeber driving to Erika's house, and I did remember going to bed-ALONE may I add. I got up, and went into my best friends room, looking for new clothes. I found a crop top that said 'I'm NOT plastic, but I'm fntastic' on it, and some tie-dyed high-wasted shorts. I wrote a note saying that I took some clothes, and that back to my place.

As soon as I got home, I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I washed my Light brown wavy hair, that had natural blonde highlights in it. I spent most of my time washing my hair. after I washed my body I hopped out, and wrapped a towel sround myself.

I picked out a white crop tom, and some really high-waisted denim shorts. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, and applied some simple make-up. Then I sat down for the hardest part of the day, writing the letter.

Dear Niall,

I'm sorry this took so long, I'm closer than you think! Please don't forget! And if you tell anyone about these notes, both of our lives can be in danger.


I decided that was god enough. I now lived in England, which scared the hell out of me, but it was the only way to find out who it was.

They had gotten more reports like the one I had, I knew only this;

Curls underneath a green beanie, Voice deep as the the sea,

Gourgous emrald eyes that stared right at me.

They had found a green beanie near an accident and a curly haired man running, when he looked behind, they were the same color, as the boy who had threatened me.

I decided to shake it off and call Erika.

"Hey!" I said throgh the phone

"Hey, why did you go?"

"I had, erm, something to do"


"So, can you meet me at starbucks in about a half hour" I said trying to change the subject

"Sure, I just got done showering and changing"

"Yea, me too, so See ya there?"

"Ok" she said hanging up.

I took my bag off a chair, and head downstairs, locking my apartment door behind me.

I went down to the office, ready to mail my letter, when some jackass and his friends bumped right into me.

'Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" He apoligized

"It-it's fine" I said despratly trying to find my letter, but he found it first.

"yaknow he's home, right?"

"I didn't thanks for the tip"

"You Irish?" he asked, clearly knowing the answer

"No, I'm freaking Canadian! What does it sound like I am"

He and his friends looked at eachother

"Just give me my damn letter"


"Because Its mine"

Erika walked in the door, 'Just when it couldn't get any worse I thought to myself'

"Maddi!" She screamed

I looked at her, then back at the boys

She came over

"What's wron-OH MY GOD! YOUR ONE DIRECTION!" she screamed letting the world know. They got distracted, and i quickly grabbed the letter, and ran out the building, brfore anyone could get a picture of me.

We ran all the way to my car.

"Erika! What are you doing here!?" I half shouted

"I got bored" she said

"Erika, you could have textedme!"


"Its fine, let me just mail this letter"

"Ok" she said

I hopped out of the car, and slipped the letter in the outside mailbox of the building, than ran back to the car, and drove off. That was close, too close.

One of those boys looked WAY too familiar

~~~~~~~~~~~Niall's P.O.V.~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up, and looked taround my room, hoping that the whole letter thing, was a dream...it wasn't. and on my desk, was a note that read:

Dear Niall,

I'm so sorry to tell you this, but I had planned a cruise for the next 2 weeks. I didn't know that you were coming home. There is a note in the kitchen that came early this morning, looks like its from the guys!So Sorry my little Nialler!

Love, Mom

Great. I thought to myself. Alone, for 2  weeks! I pulled on some sweatpants and walked into the kitchen. It was another letter from code 1143271, I decide to open it. This time it read;

Dear Niall,

I'm sorry this took so long, I'm closer than you think! Please don't forget! And if you tell anyone about these notes, both of our lives can be in danger.


That was it. i wanted to know who was messing with me. I called the guys.

"Hey Niall, how's Ireland?"

"Is it you?" I asked, pissed

"Wow, Niall, Calm down! is what me?"

"These freaking notes! Is it you guys?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I've been revieving these notes from, whoever the hell Yigape is! Is it you?"

"We have no Idea what your talking about! Listen to these!;

Dear Niall,

I probraly don't have to write this, but good Luck!


Dear Niall,

I'm sorry this took so long, I'm closer than you think! Please don't forget! And if you tell anyone about these notes, both of our lives can be in danger.


They just stared at me.

"Well?" I asked

"We saw a girl today, she had a letter for you"

"What did she look like"

"Gourgous light brown eyes and hair. A couple natural looking blonde highlights, and wavy. It came down to about the bottom of her ribcadge, a little curvy, but not extreamlely. and a beautiful Irish acent."

I couldn't believe it. But she died, that didn't make sence. no, she was dead, it was just a coincedence.

I just hung up the phone, sat down, and started to think.


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