Forever Lost

Robin Hill has spent her entire life trying to forget her past. the only thing she wants to remember is the memories of her best and only friend Niall Horan. but what happens when he auditions for the X Factor and stops talking to her. will Robin want to Forget those memories to?


8. Niall....



Niall p.o.v

I sat there crying with my head on my knees and my hands covering my face. I heard rustling in the bushes. It’s probably just a bird. No one knows about this place. What ever it was was coming closer. Then the footsteps stopped. “Niall?” a young girl said. I raised my head slightly. My vision is blurry since I was crying. But I could make out whom it was. It was Robin.

“Niall.” She said again. Was I supposed to answer? I did. “What?” I said coldly. Maybe that was a little harsh. My vision cleared a little and I could see that she had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. “Niall, I’m sorry.” I couldnt believe what I heard. Why would she be sorry? “Niall talk to me. I am really sorry.” Damn I had no clue I didn’t answer. “Why are you sorry? I’m the one that should be.” I really am the one that should be sorry.


Robin p.o.v

I started to play with his hair. I always played with his hair when we were little. “Because I knew that it wasn’t your fault and I still threw you out.” I said starting to cry again. “Robin its ok, what I did wasn’t nice. Please don’t cry.” Hearing him say that made me want to cry even more. “I don’t deserve to know you or be friends with you Niall. I’m a total bitch.” I actually was being one acting like this.

“No no no, Robin, your not a bitch. Don’t say that. You are amazing and don’t ever forget that. Okay?” a smile grew on my face after he said that. I know that he cares for me. I couldn’t help it I hugged him as tight as I could and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. God he smells good.

When I let go of him he just stared at me for a while. He kept coming closer. Please tell me why he was coming closer.  Our faces were centimeters away. He came as close as he could until our lips touched. He kissed me, why did he kiss me. I broke away “Niall….” He sat there in shock, did he know what he just did? “Robin, can I tell you something?” “Um sure, yeah of course.” Oh god what was he going to say? That he didn’t want to see me or be friends with me? I’m over reacting. “I love you.” 




how do you like the story so far? drama will start later in the story and I have a lot planned.

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