Forever Lost

Robin Hill has spent her entire life trying to forget her past. the only thing she wants to remember is the memories of her best and only friend Niall Horan. but what happens when he auditions for the X Factor and stops talking to her. will Robin want to Forget those memories to?


15. moving out

Robin p.o.v.

“Mum!” I cried. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was tons of empty beer cans everywhere. Then there was my mum on our couch doing ‘it’ with a random guy I had never seen before. “Robin.  Y-your not supposed to be back yet.” “I said I would be back in the morning.” I was pissed off. Why would she do this? I noticed something on her finger. A ring. “You’re engaged!” I was going off now. “When were you going to tell me? Huh? You go and get engaged without me even knowing you were dating! You little son of a bitch!” I was about to continue when the front door opened.



Niall p.o.v.

I got back to my house and saw that Robin forgot her jacket. “Yes! I get to go back.” I drove back to her house. I was about to knock on the door when I heard Robin yell. “You little son of a bitch!” luckily the door was unlocked (she doesn’t lock it during the day) I walked in to know why Robin was screaming. “Oh um you forgot your jacket.” I was able to say. “I’m not staying here anymore.” And with that she dragged me up the stairs to her attic room.

“Here start packing.” She said while throwing me a duffle bag. “W-where will you g-go.” I said still shocked at what was going on down stairs. “I don’t know a hotel maybe. I saved all my money I earned growing up to buy a Lamborghini.  I can use that to pay for everything.” I can’t let her live in a hotel. “You can come live with me!” I blurted out. She agreed under one condition.  She gets to use the bathroom in the morning before me. I didn’t care if she had a thousand rules. I wasn’t letting her stay in a hotel. This better not make her kinda like a sister. Because that was NOT happening.

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