Forever Lost

Robin Hill has spent her entire life trying to forget her past. the only thing she wants to remember is the memories of her best and only friend Niall Horan. but what happens when he auditions for the X Factor and stops talking to her. will Robin want to Forget those memories to?


21. as good as that sounds

Robin p.o.v.

I was sleeping on my bed waiting for the headmistress to come and get me. “Tick tock tick tock.” I. Am. So. Bored. “Get off!” Niall had come running in through the door. “Get up! Were leaving!” I got up and walked out the door. “This is the girl that was rude are you sure?” well then that was mean. “Love you to.” I said coldly towards headmistress. “I’m positive,” Niall added.



Niall p.o.v.


Robin and I walked hand in hand to the office. “Ok would you like her to have the same last name as you or no?” “No thank you we will keep it as it is.” Mum said. She was always so nice.

             We arrived home 15 minutes later. “Niall help me unpack.” “No I don’t want tooooo.” I protested. She gave me the puppy dog eyes. “Fine.” I said finally giving in. “yay!” she dragged me into the house back up the stairs where I tripped by the way and to her room. “Why in such a hurry?” “ So we can have a movie night! We can have popcorn, pancakes, candy-“ I cut her off. “As good as that sounds we could just go to Nandos for our first date. How bout that?” “ I would like that.”

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