Marriage law

Okay so... Normally this is more of the kind of thing you would get on but... I don't have an account and prefer Movellas anyway to be honest, so this is a Marriage law fanfiction... So it is a Hermione and Charlie, because I ship Hermione with lots of people and Charlie has always been one of my favourites.
As you may have guessed, I write a lot when I can't sleep due to insomnia, this is one of those cases. ;)

This is one of my first fanfictions I wrote anyway, so it is already complete, but I just tweak a few things as I upload really. I only just got the confidence to upload this really, so I hope it is good. :) (because this has been hanging around my room for years.)


1. It's me...

Nobody said a word, they all just stood there frozen.

"I'll make a pot of tea..." Molly said loudly, clattering up from the scrubbed wooden bench and bustling around the small kitchen. Waving her wand at the kettle, which caused it to rattle and emit a hissing noise as the water inside suddenly began to boil. The noise sounded loud and out of place in the otherwise silent room. The letters were sat in the middle of the room, where they had been left like a poisonous creature nobody wanted to handle.

The words: Marriage law, printed across the top in the ink green that was commonplace in the Wizarding world.

They had arrived earlier on in the day, each letter identical apart from the name at the bottom.

The name of their partner. When Hermione's had arrived, she had read ahead of everybody else, then re read it as well in double time.

The words didn't change.


Dear Miss Granger,

Due to the aftermath of the tragic war, the ministry has seen fit to impose several new laws.

The only one of which to affect you majorly is the most recent; the marriage law.

Owing to a distinct loss in the wizarding community, every young woman and man over the age of adulthood (seventeen), is to be married to a person matched to them for a reason by the Ministry in the department of mysteries.

In certain cases, such as a prearranged marriage or engagement having been planned prior to this letter, or in instances of abuse, there will be an open day at the ministry inthe 23rd of July in which these matters can be discussed with a member if the ministry in full confidentiality.

The person you are to be matched with is written below:

Charlie Weasley.

Hoping you are well,

Department of international Wizarding laws and relations.


It seemed ironic that at that very moment, Charlie was not even here. He was running late from Romania where he spent the vast majority of his time studying dragons... Was she supposed to leave her entire life and head to Romania with him? And se had wanted to return to Hogwarts to complete a final year too... Why should she have to put her entire life on hold because of this law?

"Who did you get 'Mione?" Ron whispered from across her. The first person to speak since Molly making tea.

Hermione merely shook her head slightly, trying to convey she didn't want to talk. The pain in his eyes was evident as he looked down at the table again. She knew at once what he was thinking of... The kiss they had shared in the final battle. The whole wizarding world seemed to be holding it's breath, along with Ron himself, for them to be married... But those feelings of a school girl crush had long since abated for Hermione. If she was honest with herself, it was when she asked him to stay that night in the tent... An he left. Nothing had been the same since, even after they had patched up their friendship.

"Here we go..." Molly said, placing a tray with a plate of biscuits and several mugs on it, down on the table. Remembering what Ron said once in their third year about his Mum making tea whenever anybody was upset, Hermione smiled faintly... Until a thought struck her...

Molly was now her Mum.

Sure she had always admired Mrs Weasley. Her motherly ways extended to anybody who gave her chance and left you feeling powerless towards her maternal instincts... But... She was her best friends Mum, the woman who had let her stay in her house during the holidays and teased her and Ginny about boys good naturally... But she had never seriously thought about Molly as a Mum... Outside the girlish fantasies where Ron swooped in horseback with a diamond ring, she had never really thought about marriage or life pub of school whatsoever really... The thought of husbands and children had always been second in her idea of a perfect future. Seconded by moving up in her career and making a difference in the world.

"Who did you get?" she heard Rom ask Harry shakily. Harry jumped and looked up pale and clammy looking, the whole table raised there heads from their own thoughts to look at Harry suddenly.

"Erm... G... G..." He paused, wetting his lips nervously, and then tries again,  "Ginny."  Molly beams at him, true happiness bursting through her lined face for the first time since the fake smiles she had been trying to hold up for the sake of everybody else all day.

"Oh Harry dear!" she says tearfully, wrapping her arms around him and engulfing him in one of the famous Molly hugs.

"Well that's nit fair!" Ron moaned loudly, a look of outrage on his face now. "How come he gets to stay with his girlfriend!?"

"Ron... You don't have a girlfriend..." Bill muttered from the sofa where he and Fleur were sat, his hand resting the bulge that was Fleur's stomach as they watched everybody else. Being exempt as they were already married, they still felt bad for everybody else and had no idea what to say.

"That's beside the point! I may not want to marry Luna!" he said angrily, using red as he said so. Inspire of the situation, everybody looked up in shock.

"Loony?" Asked George, as though he could not believe it.

Ron threw him a withering glance, that clearly said he did not want to repeat the words he had just said. Fred and George burst out laughing.

"Mum, I think you should not let them reproduce... Think of the grandchildren for pity sake!" Fred said, identifiable now from his brother easily due to one having two ears, the other one.

"Alright who'd you get?" Ron demanded, ears now bypassing crimson.

"Katie Bell." he said proudly, winking at his brother.

"I got Angelina." George said smiling too.

"I know it's a shock at first George..." Fred began, "but I'm thinking the only bad part of this is the suddenness... The girls themselves are pretty decent right?!" he said seriously.

"Yeah, better than old Loony." George admitted, winking at Ron too now.

"Who'd you get Mia?" Fred asked her when he and George ran of of jokes about Luna. Snapping out of her reverie, Hermione looked up at him irritably.

"My name isn't Mia!"

"Alright, Mia, but who's you're man to be?" A look of horror crossed Georges face.

"Or did you get a woman?" he asked quietly, still teasing slightly.

"No!" She shouted, closing her eyes quickly as unwanted images flickered through her mind.

"I'm here!" Came the voice of Charlie from the door as he flung it open and stood grinning at the entire family.

Hermione ducked her head at once, thankful (for once) towards her bushy hair as it hid her blush from the others.

"Charlie dear..." Molly said, voice shaking a little, "A letter for you... Everybody opened theirs... It's about... Well... I'll let you read it..." she finished awkwardly as he ripped the letter open and scanned down it. His eyes reached the bottom and then backtracked, re reading as though he was unsure of what he had just read.

"Charlie dear?" Molly asked, the question left hanging. She tried again, this time sounding slightly hysterical. "Charlie dear..." he looked up at her, eyes almost appearing to not see her.

"Who has he got!?" Demanded Fred and George, jumping up at once and trying to read his letter. Hermione peered up now, knowing Charlie had read it. There eyes met as he stared back at her in shock.

"Hermione Granger." he whispered at the same time she whispered, "Me." 

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