Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


6. The encounter

Harry's View.

We decided that we were both pretty tierd. I put on some tight black boxers and she called me over to the bed. I didn't want to sleep anywhere else, especially after what happened last time i left her alone for awhile. I crawled beneath the covers with her and she held me tight. Her warmth felt good against my body because I was cold. Pretty soon we were both asleep. I had dreams of taking her to ride roller coasters and others where i took a rowboat out on a lake and sang to her. No nightmares at all.

Lauren's View.

I woke up before Harry did. I decided that i could probably go to the mall and be back before he woke up, he seemed to be deep in sleep. I got up carefully and quietly and went to my closet. I picked out a black dress that said i love you in cursive letters over and over that were silver and glittery. I straightened my hair and put on some red lipstick. I put on some silver heels and then decided i was ready to leave. I drove there and then i decided i was hungry. I stopped at the food court as soon as i got there. I was walking to a Taco Bell when a familiar person started to walk torwards me. 'Oh crap, it's Taylor Swift' i thought. She walked up to me and then said                   "Aren't you dating Harry Styles??" I don't know why it's her buisness, but i answered anyways.  "Uh, yeah.. Why?" I really wasn't sure why i was talking to her. She didn't seem very nice.          "You whore!! Break up with him NOW. He belongs with me, not you and your slutty self!!"  It took me a moment to realize SHE just called ME a slut. She doesn't even know me though, how could she be so sure i was a slut? "Um, Didn't you break up with him?" I asked with a hint of sass. "I'm NOT going to ask you again! BREAK UP WITH HIM!!! I'll start something if you don't!" Oooh im scared. What can she possibly say that will matter? I let me inner sass master come out. "Ok, start something. I don't really give a shit. He's mine now. Get over it. Why don't you get the fact through your head that he's moved on? Quit stalking him and move on with your life!" I sounded pretty mean. But it didn't really matter- she was trying to make me break up with him. She couldn't say anything else, so she walked away. 'Good. Walk away.' I thought. I got some tacos and then ate them quickly before she could return with her bullshit. As i was walking out of the mall my phone rang. It was Harry. "Hello?" I said. I guess he woke up earlier than i though he would. "Hey, where are you? I was so worried!" He asked. "I was at the Mall. Sorry I didn't tell you, I thought you would still be sleeping after I came back." The line was silent for a second. Then he suddenly said "ARE YOU OK?!" i was confused. What did he think happened??  "Yeah.. why?" Then i heard a little bit of sniffeling on the other end. Was he crying?

"I just heard that Taylor Swift just threatened you!!" Man, those paps are fast. I didn't think anyone would know about it yet since it just happened. "Well it wasn't that serious. She tried to make me break up with you and threatened to start something. It doesnt really matter."

"What the.? Shes one crazy bitch!" I started to laugh because it was true. He told me to get home as fast as i could, and to make sure she wasn't following me. I took the long way home, with lots of turns to make sure noone was following me. No car followed me, and i ended up getting home safetly. As soon as i walked in the door, Harry came over to me and hugged me tight. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that." He said. I honestly was too. Hopefully i wont run into her again and have to re-live that moment. I decided to see what the paps did write about the whole thing. I clicked on an article that said "Taylor Swift threatens Harry's new girlfriend."  I read through the article and saw why Harry was so worried. They totally blew it out of proportion. It made it sound like she was threatening to tie me up and take Harry from me. She wouldn't do that.. or would she?

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