Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


17. Scared.

Lauren's View.

He continued to kiss me because i didn't protest or try to move away. I honestly liked it. But I knew Harry wouldn't. I had to tell Niall to stop before things got serious.  I pulled away from him and turned the shower off. I got out and dried off. Me and Niall walked over to my room and got some clothes. I got a Navy blue strapless dress on with my metallic heels. Niall wore a white tanktop with some black skinny jeans. We went out my front door and then drove down the street untill we got to Nando's. It wasn't very far from my house. We sat down after we ordered and then i said "Niall.. You're really cute and all, but i just can't keep going behind Harry's back. I know he did that  to me first, but it doesn't make it ok if i do it back."  He just stared at me looking like he was going to cry. His expression made me want to cry, and it hurt me like a punch in the jaw. "So.. now what? I don't think he really loves you, he cheated on you. If we dated i wouldn't be cheatin' on ya."

"Yeah.. But i would feel awful just leaving him like that. I mean after all we've been through, he's always been there."

"But i would do the things he does for you. I would really love you though. He doesn't really seem like he needs you- he cheated on ya and then he left ya today. A real boyfriend would of invited ya to come with him!! Please Darlin', i don't want him to break your heart. I just know he will."

"Yeah that's true, he should've invited me to go with him. But i don't think it was that serious, he could have just wanted a break or something..."

"I don't think he's wantin' a break. I think he's wantin' to break up. Please, pick me. I've loved ya from the start- ask any of the lads! I haven't had a girl to call my princess since XFactor, and i want to call you mine." He looked at me with a sexy look on his face- trying to seduce me. I did want to be his princess..badly. But what about Harry? I can't break Niall's sweet little heart. He's too sensitive. Just then a buzz vibrated through my body. I realized it came from my back pocket. I took out my phone to see that Harry texted me. 'Hey we need to talk. So basically.. meet me back home. Come as soon as you can.' Niall saw the worry on my face and asked what happened. "Harry..He said we need to talk..." My face fell. Niall held my hand and said

"Look, just remember. Everything happens for a reason. No matter what he wants- just know I'll be here for ya." I tried to smile, but there were too many thoughts rushing through my head at once. What could Harry want? Why was it so serious i had to get home right away?

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