Part 2: Same Mistakes

So basically, Me and Harry are together in this story and he's been away on tour for awhile. Jake is my character's ex that tried to kidnap her but was unsuccessful twice. And uh.. yeah enjoy (:


7. Big news.

Harry's View.

I was still mad about how Taylor tried to threaten my girlfriend. Lauren was really sweet, and never did anything to Taylor. I don't know why she thought it was nessisary to threaten her. I mean, Taylor is the one who broke up with me, so shouldn't she be over it? Guess not! Lauren hugged me again, she probably saw the look on my face. I'm sure i looked mad. She made me feel like everything was perfect, but I knew it wasn't.

Lauren's View.

I remembered that I was pregnant all of the sudden. I still haven't told Harry, so i decided to tell him now. "Oh Harry... I have something really important to tell you." He looked at me like he was scared of what i was going to say. "I'M PREGNANT! And it's yours!" His face lit up and we hugged eachother and jumped around.

Harry's View.

Finally!! I was hoping that she was pregnant when i left for the tour. It was kind of crazy to think that she was pregnant. She didn't look like it yet. She was so skinny, I couldn't imagine her with a baby in her.



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