The Choice

You're in love with Zayn Malik. You have a wonderful life until you look into Liam's brown eyes. You love both of them. But who will you choose?


1. 1:~The Start Of The End

You wake up seeing those long eyelashes on that beautiful face.
As you look up, your lips curved into a light smile as the first thing you saw was him.You softly kiss him as he wakes up. He sits up As he walks downstairs to make breakfast.You followed him, still smiling brightly and got wider. He started making breakfast for you. "Hey~! Let me help you with that~" You insist, looking into his bright eyes, wanting to really help him."I would let you, but your to sexy to cook." He says in a sassy tone. "Coming from you, I'm sexy?"He nods smiling slightly and a bit cutely while he gazed into your eyes. A blush quickly spread across your cheeks as you looked down.He sings softly
"Baby when you smile down at the ground its not hard to tell," 
You sing the next line
"You don't know oh-oh. you don't know your beau-" 
He kisses you passionately to cut you off.

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