How To Save A Life.

Have you ever felt like commiting suicide ?? Ever felt like you don't belong here, like you're worthless ?? Welcome too Jesy her life. Jesy is a suicidal girl. She cuts and has an eating disorder. Sarah is Jesy her best friend. She knows everything about Jesy and of course she's worried. Sarah holds a diary on how Jesy is doing. What will happen when everything goes wrong ?? // Based on: How To Save A Life By: The Fray.


2. Chapter 2.


Tuesday Afternoon.


Dear diary,


I have just woken up and i know what too do to help Jesy. I just need too talk to her. I need to tell her how much i need her. In fact i will go now. I will tell you how it went when i come back. 


Tuesday Evening


Dear Diary,


I just talked to Jesy. We met up in Starbucks and i went straight away to the point. She looked so bad. Her cheekbones were standing out. She was SO skinny. It wasn't normal anymore. There were exactly 12 bracelets on her wrist to cover up the cuts that were underneath. I started right away with talking. We need to talk i said. You look like you haven't ate in months (Which she probably didn't) She didn't look at me. She just looked down at her coffee. When i grabbed her hand she looked up with tears behind her eyes. I just don't know anymore Sarah she said. It was heartbreaking to see her like this. She was so tired. Her eyes were not the same. I didn't see the happy girl i saw 3 years ago. She's gone. She's eaten by the monster inside of her. I miss her. I miss the happy girl i used to see.. Now all i see is a suicidal girl. I need to save her. I just need to. I can't live without her. I would have stayed up with her all night had i known how to save a life...




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