How To Save A Life.

Have you ever felt like commiting suicide ?? Ever felt like you don't belong here, like you're worthless ?? Welcome too Jesy her life. Jesy is a suicidal girl. She cuts and has an eating disorder. Sarah is Jesy her best friend. She knows everything about Jesy and of course she's worried. Sarah holds a diary on how Jesy is doing. What will happen when everything goes wrong ?? // Based on: How To Save A Life By: The Fray.


1. Chapter 1.


Tuesday afternoon.


Well my sweet loving diary i just wanted too let you know i'm crying whilst writing this. It's Jesy. She's really not doing well and i am really worried. Jesy is my best friend. She is suicidal self harms and has an ED. Today she talked too me on how she couldn't do this anymore. What if she does do it ?? What if tomorrow or in a week or in a month i get too hear: I'm so sorry for your lost. I don't want that. I love her. I need her here with me. Well.. I am going too try and get some sleep. Maybe i will know something after i slept for a little while. Goodnight Diary...

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