My Next Door Neighbor

Bella is a normal 19 year old girl, with brothers that drive her mad. She goes to university, but lives with her brothers and grandma, because her parents had died. At school there is a new kid that recently moved here, she's not to fond of him, but he has fallen for her with just one look. But when she gets home that same day, she realizes that her new neighbors are the Styles, and she has to live next door to Harry the one that has fallen for her. Will she fall for him, and dump her boyfriend? Or will she just ignore him?
( In this fanfic he is not famous)


1. School

Bella's POV

I walked into my classroom, and as usual I was the first one there. I sat down and got my papers ready to give to the teacher. Then walked in a curly haired boy, about my age. I must say he was cute, but I already had a boyfriend. He walked over and sat next to me.

" Hello, I'm Harry and you are?" He asked sounding a little flirtatious.

" I'm Bella, and are you new here? I haven't seen you around." I asked.

" Yea I'm new here, I just moved here. And I would love if you would show me around." He said with a cheeky wink.

" I'll show you around, but don't try anything I have a boyfriend." I said warning him. He just looked away looking a little embarrased.


Harry's POV

I walked into the class I was asigned to. When I walked in I saw the most beautiful girl. I sat next to her and introduced myself. She didn't seem to like me much, but I want her to like me. I knew once I saw her I would be there for her, protect her from anything I could.

School was such a bore for the rest of the morning. But on the bright side I have all the same classes as Bella. That means I can keep her safe. God, that sounds weird, but I just have the urge to protect her.


I walked into the lunchroom, and found my friends Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. I met them today throughout the day, and we all got on quite well. I went with them to their table, and they introduced me to their friends. I then saw her walk in and seat next to this girl called Morgan. I immediatly moved to sit next to her, she gave me a dirty look. But I shook it off. What is it going to take to get her to like me?

" Hey guys! Wazzzz up?" She asked to no one in particular.

" Bells Vas Happenin' !" asked Zayn." Haha nothing much" She giggled.

" Oh yea Bells have you met Harry?" asked Louis.

" Yes I've had the pleasure of meeting him." She said sarcastically. I just had a look on my face, a look of discouragement.

" Ohhhh tension." said I think, Michael. " Well Mr. Pickles, there is tension because I feel like he is staring at me in all my classes." she said to Michael. So she has noticed me looking at her.

" Bella I did stare at you because I really like you. And I was wondering if you would go out with me?" I asked gaining confidence.

" Awwww." cooed all the girls. " Bells! Say yes! Say yes!" the boys chanted. I felt quite proud that they were on my side.

" Harry I already told you I have a boyfrie-" she was cut off by a hug and a kiss from behind. I turned around to see what I was guessing was her boyfriend.

" Hey Bells!" " Hi Marc!" they said to each other. I was clenching and unclenching my fists. I was jealous, and I just have this funny feeling he is going to hurt her.


Bella's POV

Harry just asked me out. Damn, that boy doesn't quit! And worst of all I have to deal with this because he has all the same classes as me. Thank the Good Lord that Marc came! Harry was pissed at Marc and I's encounter. I could tell because he was clenching and unclenching his fists.

Marc then walked to the other side of the table and sat down. " So people how's life?" Marc asked to no one in particular. No one answered him, but people tarted talking amongst themselves.

" Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait." Zayn said. " What's wrong?" I asked wondering what was wrong.

" Bells did you get a tattoo?!" He asked sounding surprised. Now all the attention was on me.

" Ummm Zayn this isn't that new." I said pointing to the small birds that were on my hand. These also weren't the only tattoos I had.

" So you have other tattoos?" asked Harry curiously. " Yea I do." I said. " Where and what are they?" asked Harry. " Whoaa dude, back off my girl." said Marc defensivly. Harry just let out a sharp breath, but I decided to answer the question what's the harm?

" Well, on my neck I have Mom and Dad, because they died, and it's in honor of them. Then, on my wrist the birds, a cross on my hand. And then on my back I have my favorite quote." I stated.

" What is the quote and can I see it?" asked Harry still curious.

" It's 'The feeling that leaves me hazy, is it just me or are the others crazy' by Albert Einstein. And no you can't see it." I said.

" That's and amazing quote!" He said sounding a little surprised.

" Why are you guys so surprised?" I asked seeing all the open mouthes around the table.

" It's just we don't see you having a tattoo." said my friend Abbi. " Well you know life goes on." I said. They all chuckled.


School then went on as usual, but with Harry constantly asking me out. He can't take a hint.

" Harry even if I did start dating you what would you do?" I asked finally confronting him.

" I would just be honored to call you mine, and I would just protect you I guess." he stated.

" Harry you can't be overprotective like that." I said. " I can if I love you enough." He said. That was the sweetest thing anybody has ever said. Marc doesn't even say that kind of stuff. I just got frustrated and walked out.


I was walking down my block, when I saw a moving truck, and Harry standing on the front porch of the house next to me. He was my new neighbor.

Oh crap.

~Author's Note~

Hey guys this is my second fanfic I hope you enjoy!

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