My Next Door Neighbor

Bella is a normal 19 year old girl, with brothers that drive her mad. She goes to university, but lives with her brothers and grandma, because her parents had died. At school there is a new kid that recently moved here, she's not to fond of him, but he has fallen for her with just one look. But when she gets home that same day, she realizes that her new neighbors are the Styles, and she has to live next door to Harry the one that has fallen for her. Will she fall for him, and dump her boyfriend? Or will she just ignore him?
( In this fanfic he is not famous)


3. Fighting and Love?

Bella's POV

I woke up that morning very early. I just couldn't sleep after what had happened yesterday. I jumped into the shower and let the hot water wash the worry away. I was worried over the fact that I kissed someone else, while I had a boyfriend. Then again he was the one who kissed me. I don't even know anymore, I just think I may be falling for him.


I walked out of my house, and sat on the porch waiting for my friends to come so we could walk to school. I decided to take out my phone and listen to some music while I waited, after all I was early. I was listening to Fun. when I saw Harry coming up my walk. I got butterflies in my stomach. Why?

" Hey." he said casually.

" Hi." I said back. " Why is a pretty girl like you sitting out here alone?" he asked flirtatiously. I blushed as I looked down at my feet.

" Oh. I am waiting for my friends so we can walk to school." I said the color in my cheeks fading a bit.

" Okay. Just be careful when your alone." he said with a protective tone. I know he said he would protect me, and that is super sweet! But in a way it is a little creepy. Also the fact that he would do that, and just as a friend, is priceless. Marc would NEVER do that for me.

" So." he said breaking the silence.

" So." I said with a sigh.

" What are you listening to?" he asked while motioning towards my phone.

" Oh. It's Fun." I said. I love music. It's what I love. Well I guess it shows because it is one of the things I go to school for.

" Cool! Not to sound like a stalker, but I saw in your room a poster of The Beatles and The Temptations. I take it you like them?" he asked with a polite smile.

" Haha, Its fine! Our houses are close together, but yes you did see that. You like them?" I asked. What he asked did sound stalkerish, but its kind of cute.

" Like. I love them! What's your favorite song by them both?" he asked. Finally! Someone who understands my love for The Temptations! I mean everybody loves The Beatles, but The Temptations is well and acquired taste.

" By The Beatles it's Let It Be. Then By The Temptations its My Girl." I said.

" That is weird. Those are my favorites as well." he said. Wow! We do have a lot in common. I know I shouldn't think this, but we have clicked more in two days, then Marc and I have in 1 year.

" Well I guess we share the same interests." I said. He blushed. Whoa, that's a first! He usually makes me blush.

Harry's POV

I walked out of my house and saw that Bella was sitting on her porch, alone. Oh how I hate it when she is alone. She just looks so vulnerable. Why do I feel this way about her? She's just so beautiful, sweet, caring, smart, and funny. She reminds me of that crazy kid at school, Louis. Well then again those two are best friends. That actually made me jealous. I guess its the fact that he can spend time with her whenever, and he has the chance to protect her. Really, that's what I want for her, to be safe. That, and for her to be mine.

We talked about bands, and I can say we really have a lot in common. She said so and that made me blush. Which is a first I usually make her blush.

Bella's POV
" BELLA!!!!!" screamed one of my best friends, Abby. She is usually the exact opposite of me, but we are both the loudest people we know, well besides Louis. She is more of a girly- girl. Where as I am more of a sporty, type that sticks to wearing skinny jeans and fashionable tops.

" ABBY!!!!!" I screamed back. My friends Chris and Jack were also there among the people I walk to school with.

" Sup, sis." said Jack.

" Sup, bro." I said back. Weird I know we call each other that to drive each other mad! Its actually quite fun.


We got to school. It went by quite fast and all of a sudden it was lunch. I sat down in my usual spot, with Morgan on my right and, now, Harry on my left.

" Vas happenin' people?" asked Zayn using his trademark saying.

" Nothing. Just enjoying school today." I said sarcastically. School was good on some days, because I get to do what I love. Music and Art. We all laughed during lunch like usual. You know being our mature selves. ( note the sarcasm, because I still laugh at the word buns. hehe)

" Hey babe." said Marc while giving me a kiss on my cheek. This is going to sound bad, and I hate thinking this, but I was hoping Marc wouldn't be at lunch with us. I think he is still only with me to keep me safe. He was so torn up when he saw the abuse I suffered from my ex.

" Hi." I said.

Marc's POV

Bella didn't look happy to see me. Neither did her other friends. Well that was normal, they don't really like me. But life goes on. I sat across from Bella. They all stared at me for a moment, then went back to their conversations. Harry and Bella were talking to each other. That got me jealous. I mean I love Bella, but it hasn't been the same lately. We have been distant.

Sometimes I feel like I am just with her to protect her. Because it really hurt me to see her suffering from the abuse from her ex.

Bella's POV

School finished, and we all had walked home. I was working on homework, while listening to music, when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over to the door. The person at the door was very persistent. Repeatedly rapping on the door.

" I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled. I opened the door to see Harry standing there. Almost immediately butterflies erupted in my stomach.

" H-hi." I stuttered. Why was I stuttering around him?

" Hey. Can we talk?" He asked. He seemed quite anxious.

" Sure." I replied. We walked to the kitchen/ dining room, where my homework was sprawled across the table.

" Umm about that kiss." He started.

" Yea." I said. Shocked by his question. " Uh.. umm... did you .. feel a.... spark?" He stuttered.

Whoa. I guess he felt something as well. I sighed. " Yes I did Harry." I stated. He looked into my eyes. He moved closer to me, not breaking our gaze. With two fingers he lifted my chin.

" I don't know if you know this." He whispered. " But you just made me the luckiest guy on Earth." That made me blush. He was just so sweet. He lifted me up onto the counter, so we were on eye level. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. We were so close, I wondered if he could feel the thump of my racing heart.

I pulled away knowing this was wrong. I still had a boyfriend. He looked at me with concern.

" What's wrong?" He asked. " Harry, no matter what I feel, I still have a boyfriend." I said. He pulled away. We were both reluctant to be away from each other.

" I have to get back to my homework." I said. " Okay." he said while walking towards the door. He then turned around." Bella I still love you though. And will always try to keep you safe." He walked out, leaving me speechless.


I had finished all my homework. I also managed to write some of a song for my band. I decided to start on some of my chores. I grabbed the garbage and walked out to the alley to throw it out, when I felt a hand on my back.

" Hey babe." said Marc slurring his words. He was obviously drunk.

" Marc your drunk, go home." I said. He pushed me up against the garbage can and began kissing my neck sloppily. I managed to push him away, and give him a well deserved slap across the face. A VERY big mistake.

" Did you just hit me?!" He yelled while clutching his cheek.

" Y-yes." I stuttered, because I was quite frightened by him when he was drunk. He was so much stronger and bigger than me. Well lots of people were because I only weighed like 100 pounds. I have a freaky fast metabolism. He then returned the slap. Hard. It caused me to fall to the ground. He then began to kick me. He said he would NEVER hurt me. He was dead wrong. I began tot panic. This is it, I'm going to die! Under the hand of my boyfriend. NO totally ex-boyfriend after this, if I even live. That's when a miracle happened.

Harry appeared. " HEY GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!!!" He yelled. He then pushed Marc away from me, and threw punches causing Marc to bleed. It took all of my strength, but I crawled over to Harry and Marc, and got between them.

" Harry please." I begged. If he continued he would probably kill Marc. He stopped and Marc ran.

" Bella." He said in a concerned voice. He then picked me up bridal style and carried me to... I don't even know.

I was put down on what I was guessing was his bed. He then lifted up my shirt to see what the bruises. I didn't squirm or protest at him lifting my shirt because my side hurt way to much.

" Bella you have some serious bruises here. I'm so sorry." He said like it was his fault.

" Harry it's fine. It wasn't your fault." I said while trying to sit up. He helped me sit up, and he cradled me in his arms.

" No. It is. If I stayed with you, this wouldn't have happened." he said while looking down. I lifted his chin and I kissed him, he kissed back, and he smiled into the kiss.

" All better?" I asked. " Ehh maybe one more?" He asked returning to his old cheeky self.

" Okay." I said. And leaned in closing the short distance between us. I could tell that he loved me and would protect me no matter what.

And honestly, I was falling for him, too.


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