My Next Door Neighbor

Bella is a normal 19 year old girl, with brothers that drive her mad. She goes to university, but lives with her brothers and grandma, because her parents had died. At school there is a new kid that recently moved here, she's not to fond of him, but he has fallen for her with just one look. But when she gets home that same day, she realizes that her new neighbors are the Styles, and she has to live next door to Harry the one that has fallen for her. Will she fall for him, and dump her boyfriend? Or will she just ignore him?
( In this fanfic he is not famous)


5. Facing The Past

Bella's POV " Bella's got a boyfriend! Bella's got a boyfriend!" I heard a familiar voice say in a sing-songy voice. Ugh. Louis. I not so subtly shot him the bird. I then heard gasps, and chuckling. How many other people are in my house?! I then tried to get up, but to no avail, because of the half- asleep figure holding me down. " Mhmm five more minutes." groaned a sleep Harry. He then held me like a teddy bear. Oh God, his face! So adorable! Someone please cue the awws! I then heard a chorus of awws. Da fuq?! Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn were all here. " Why are you on my house at..." I started but then looked at the clock. "1:30 in the morning!" I yelled. " Well you weren't at school, and you weren't answering your phone, so we decided after our Toy Story Marathon we would come here. So here we are!" exclaimed Liam. I face- palmed. Him and his Toy Stories. " And how did you get into my house?" I asked. " Well we have a key." said Louis. Shit. That's right, I forgot I gave him a key. I must have been drunk when I did that. " Well this is what I get for giving you a key." I joked. " Hey! I'm your best friend! That's why you gave me a key!" he exclaimed. True. He is one of my best friends, I have known him long enough. We've known each other since diaper days! I smiled. " Yes Lou, you are. Now, help me get Harry up." I commanded. As comfortable as I am, I am hungry. Hey, don't judge a girl's gottta eat! " Haz get up. We have candy." said Lou. Nothing. "Oohh I got it!" exclaimed Niall. He then turned to me. " Bella will you go out with me?" He asked, obviously just acting to get Harry up. I played along. " Of course I'd love to!" I replied fake-enthusiastically. Harry then shot up, and pounced on Niall. " Back off, she's mine!" He shouted. " Good morning to you too, Sleeping Beauty!" Niall joked. Harry's face flushed, and we all busted out laughing! We all sobered up, and I realized Harry was trying his best not to kill Niall. Poor lad, still doesn't know what's going on. I crawled over to him, and curled up in his lap, his features softened and he wrapped his arms around me. " Haz, me and Niall aren't going out. We just said that to get you up." I explained. " Not funny. Don't joke. Your mine." He whispered holding me closer. " Haz don't worry I'm yours." I said, but it was muffled, since my face was buried in his chest. We stayed like this until some dickhead had to 'cough', and ruin it. " Hate to interrupt your little love fest there, but I'm starving!" complained Niall. Everybody else rolled their eyes, but I shot up and raced towards the kitchen, with Niall hot on my trail. " Haha! I beat you! I beat you!" I shouted while doing a little happy dance in front of the refrigerator. Yea, I'm weird. Get over it. " Whatever let's eat!" Niall shouted back. We then raided the fridge. The other boys then joined us. So for the next couple hours we sat there stuffing our faces, talking about everything and nothing. Just having a good time. Before I knew it, it was 6:30 and I had to get ready for school. " Boys I see that you are already, ready for school so just let Harry and I get ready, yea?" I asked. They all nodded and headed straight for the game room to play fifa. Those are my boys! Accept they still think that I cant beat them. Ha! Whose the one who kicked all your asses?! That's right this girl! Wow, this is what my life has come to.... I need help. Harry and I walked upstairs and he was half way out the window when he said, " See you soon, babe." I smiled. " yea see ya soon!" I said back. I then smiled to myself. How did I get so lucky? After I got out of the shower I started my daily routine. I put on my red skinny jeans, a black fitted long-sleeve shirt with a white belt around my waist, and my black toms. I then put my hair in a loose side fishtail braid. To complete my look, I put on black eye shadow, a thin layer of eyeliner, and two coats of mascara. I grabbed my hobo backpack and my signature black leather jacket. I did one last final check in the mirror, satisfied, I went downstairs. " It took you long enough!" complained Louis. " Ugh girls." " Hey all this doesn't happen over night." I said gesturing to myself. " You'd look great anyway, let's go!" said Niall pushing us all out the door. We met up with the usual crowd and we were off. The walk to school was nice. Harry and I had our fingers interlocked the whole time. *** School was a complete bore, but thank God it was Friday!! Unfortunately we had homework:( So sat outside me and Harry did our homework. Homework that should've taken twenty minutes, took us over an hour because of our constant flirting. I then got a message on my phone. Unknown Number: Hey babe! Out of jail, where should we meet up? I dropped my phone. Harry looked at me with concern written all over his face. " Bella, What's Wrong!?" He yelled. I was speechless. But I did the only thing I could think of. I went into the safest place possible. Harry's protective hold. He wrapped his arms around me and rocked us back and forth. He whispered sweet things in my ear to try to soothe me. But there was only one thing I was thinking of. My abusive ex-boyfriend was out of jail. And he was coming for me. ~ Author's Note~ Oohh cliffhanger! Well sorta.. but anyway I just wanted to say sorry that I haven't updated!! been really busy.... hahah nope! Just pretty much out of pure laziness. But I will try to put this on an update schedule. Probably update every sunday. I will be making some new fanfics too! Those will be on scedules too! but something to look forward too, I will be having an upload-a-thon over thanksgiving break, where I will be updating like crazy!! So yea! LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3 Comment, fan, like, favorite all that shit! And tell me if you guys want like a nickname or a thing I call you! So if you do, give me your idea in the comments!
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