Over Again

Sequel to 5 Seconds Is All It Took
Recommend reading that first so you understand the storyline

Ally's been gone for 3 years, she's happily engaged but when she comes back to London for Louis and Eleanor's wedding and comes face to face with Liam and Luke what happens? Does she still feel the same or has she moved on for good?


12. Chapter 10 (last chapter)


I stood looking in the mirror at myself in my wedding dress, this is it, i'm getting married. There was a knock at the door and Zayn came in to get the baby from Perrie. He took her from Perrie and looked at me. "You look great Ally." "Thanks. He didn't come did he?" "Who?" "Liam." "No. I'm sorry." "I thought we could get over everything and be friends, but i'm glad Luke came." "Didn't anyone tell you?" "No, what happened?" "Luke didn't turn up. Calum said he couldn't face it seeing you marry someone else or something." "Thanks for telling me Zayn." "No problem. I'll see you girls soon." I smiled and he left the room.   Liam's p.o.v   I landed at the airport in our private jet. I decided I should go, I didn't want to let her down. I got into a taxi and told the driver where to go...   Luke's p.o.v   I sat staring at the ground. Maybe I was wrong, I should go, I don't want to let her down. I quickly changed into a suit and headed to the venue to be there for my friend.   Ally's p.o.v   I walked down the aisle an hour later at my dad's side, finally moving on. My dad handed me over to Daniel and he kissed my cheek. The priest started the ceremony...   ???'s p.o.v   I stood outside the venue, my feelings had changed in the car, I decided to listen to my heart, I have to tell her how I feel. She needs to know...   Ally's p.o.v   "Does anyone know of any reason why this couple should not marry?" The door opened and there he was, who I loved the most. "Stop the wedding!" He shouted from the back of the room. I knew who it was and I couldn't believe he had done it. Everyone turned to look at him running down the aisle towards me. "Ally I love you, always have and even though you left I couldn't stop thinking about you. When we met again after 3 years I just knew that I still loved you and that I needed to be with you. Please just take me back, start over again because what we had was special and you know it. We have been through a lot and I don't want all of that to have meant nothing." I looked between my almost husband and someone I once loved but I saw the love in his eyes and I just knew who I had to pick. I grabbed his hand, "Danny i'm sorry but I have to go with him. I love him too much to let him go again." I took off my engagement ring and put it in his hand. "I'm sorry." He held onto me and we ran out of the church away from everything. "Where are we going?" I asked him as soon as we got in a taxi. "The airport, we're going to Las Vegas to get married. It's what i've always wanted, it's always been you Ally. I should have stopped you leaving and I regretted not doing it ever since you le-" "I love you Liam," I said silencing him with a kiss. "I love you too Ally."    We arrived in Las Vegas hours later and went straight to one of those marriage places. It may not be the wedding I had planned but I couldn't have asked for anything better, and this time I was marrying who I wanted to, who I really loved.   "Liam, we've been through a hell of a lot, a crazy rollercoaster ride but look at us now. To think I cheated on and left you for someone else when I still loved you, then left for three years. When I left I still loved you, so much and I always loved you, when I met Daniel that love became smaller but it was always there. When I came back and met you at Eleanor and Louis' wedding everything came back, the same with Luke, I even thought about leaving Daniel and going back to you but I wouldn't, I kept it a secret that I loved you and decided to move on by moving the wedding forward. It's hard to believe I was standing in a church a few hours ago about to marry someone else but you came, you told me how you felt and I had to go, I had to be with you, I couldn't live a lie so Liam I promise that I won't ever leave you again, no matter what because I know what it was like without you and I don't want to be on my own again. I love you Liam, always have, always will."    "Ally, you're right, we've been through a lot but look at us now, we're getting married. We were so young when we met all those years ago, I remember what it felt like to lose you and I don't ever want to feel that again. When you sent me that invitation to your wedding I was angry, I punched a wall. I couldn't even think about going because I wanted it to be me you were marrying, not someone else. But on the last day I realized I needed to be there, even if it was just as a friend, I needed to be there but at the last minute I decided I needed to tell you how I feel. I couldn't let you marry someone else. After you left I nearly went back to my mum's house and dug up that box in the back garden, the one with the reason we loved each other written on them. But I couldn't do it, I couldn't do it because we always said we would read them to each other if we ever had problems in our relationship and we never did. I wanted you to read mine, I wanted you to know why I loved you. But they're back in Wolverhampton so I can't let you read it now but I can tell you that I love you, with all my heart and this is what i've always wanted to do."   That was it, we started over again and now I was happy. In a way I always loved Liam, through everything. After all, they say first love is the best and I couldn't agree more because when I saw him after three years I fell in love all over again and I regret nothing.
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