Romance at Nando's

My name is Emma and I am from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. Am just a regular girls who goes to college and work at Nandos. One day I suddenly meet someone at Nandos and there starts a completely new phase of my life.Whose the one who changed Emma's life? Where will this change lead to? What effect will it leave on Emma's life?
Read 'Romance at Nandos' to find out.

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7. Finally 'THE DATE'


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Ok now The DATE!  

Hope you all enjoy this chaptet I really took a lot of time to write it


Emma's POV

So i was here at Nando's ofcourse with Miss.hyper queen.i still had an hour before i meet Harry so i served some customers and did a bit of cleaning and other stuffs..

"hey Em so u want me to do ur work today huh?'' Stace confirmed me while she was wiping one of the tables.."ummm ..yep if u could do that it would be really helpful" i replied.."hmmm..i can do that but whose that sexy walking towards ya?" she smirked at me and her eyebrows did a little dance..teasing me..i turned around to see Harry coming towards me wearing a cobalt blue v-neck T revealing his chest tattoos with a black skinny jeans ripped at knees..his choco brown curls were falling freely on his face yet they were perfectly sculpted...gosh he looked hot ..he had his smile plastered on his face making his dimples appear!

He came close to me and wrapped his arms around my tiny waist making me shake a bit..he then spoke in his sexy,husky voice "hey! You look beautiful..u ready to hit the city?" Gosh he is a total turn on,on me..i dont know how long i can resist those lucious,pink,juicy,soft lips..i jusy want to grab his face and kiss him just like my dream!It feels like i dont wanna do anything except kissing thos boy! Goshhh Em shut up shut shut shut up.. i snapped out of 'Harold Land' and replied being a bit of flirt "hey handsome ,you dont look bad yourself..give m-" i was cut off by a loud scream..yeah you're thinking right!..who else ..miss.hyper queen..she was jumping up and down and was twirling hair on her finger..she always twirls when she is nervous or excited..i know its stupid but this is how she is!

Finally she stopped doing the twirling thing and was staring Harry..Harry must have noticed cause he raised his eyebows questioning me so i introduced them "Harry this is Ashlee my bestie and.. a crazy directioner"i spoke the last part a bit too loudly and saying so i stuck out my tongue at Ashlee who was giving me 'Death glare'..Just then I was tapped at my shoulder making me jump a bit.I quickly turned around and saw Stacy who had her arms crossed in front of her chest and was tapping her foot and at the same time was also giving me 'Death glare' as i forgot to introduce her to ;p..ok now i feel am trapped in some deathglare world..hhahaa..I quickly turned to Harry who was talking to Ashlee..i interrupted their convesation and said "Harry meet my cool co-worker Stacy".He gave her his perfect,cheesy,heart melting smile and said "Nice to meet u Stacy" "Pleasure is mine hottie!" Goshhh!Stacy is such a flirt. 

Before heading out of Nados i checked myself in the mirror.Since I was at Nandos directly from my college so i was wearing just some simple Levis' denim short ripped shorts ,a yellow tank top with an unbuttoned white three quater sleeves shirt over it,paired with my favourite blue Toms ,some junk jewellery and not to miss my RayBans. Not much but I looked decent and afterall I am not at all a clothy -cloth girl! I applied my metalic blue eye-liner,a bit of masscara ,my baby lips and did some final touches. My hair were same boring ,flat and brown colored that reached my back as I didn't really had any time to style them so I left them the way they were. One last look in the mirror and I was ready!

After meeting and greeting Harry and I headed out towards his magnificient black Range Rover ready to zoom off for our DATE! 

Harry opened the car door for me and helped me in the passenger seat and then quickly rushed over to his side and got in. Awe what a gentleman! He ignited the car engine and off we go. There was silence in the car but not the awkward one so i decided to speak up "So Harry where are we goin'?" He replied keeping his eyes on the road "A place which is very close to me,you will see".. I wonder where Harry was taking me and what he had planned for us but not wanting to ask him over and over again I nodded and half smiled and decided to just wait until we reach..He turned on the radio and blasted the music.The rest of the joureny we were singing and jumping up and down to the beat of the music. After an hour we finally reached. Harry got to my side ,opened the gate for me and offered me his hand which i quickly grabbed making him chuckle a bit.

He covered my eyes with one of his hands and led me to donno where. I asked Harry several times to let me see where he was taking me but I would say if an stubborn then he is no less. "Ok.So you ready love?"he asked. "Hmmm..lemme couse Harry..hell yeah"I replied excitedly making him chuckle again!He removed his palm from my eyes and as I opened ny eyes here I was. "This is the bakery where i worked before One Direction love.I love coming here on special occassions and just thought it would be fun showing you around" before i could reply Harry pulled me in.He suddenly stopped making me bump into him and i almost fell when he quickly caught me in his arms. I was there in his arms AGAIN! When I am in his arms i feel so safe,so secure,no tentions,no worries ,just him and me.It reminded me of the day when i first saw him at Nandos and there also i was there in his arms. I saw him look at my eyes and the at my lips. I so wanted him to kiss me but I thought not to rush so I tried standing upright and he helped me and voila! Now I am on my feet! (note the sarcasm) 

He looked around and asked "Are you hungry Em?" Aweee he called me 'Em'!! Whenever he calls my name it sounds so perfect! I then replied "Ummm..Yeah a bit"

He winked at me pulled me by my tiny wrist into the kitchen.. He wore his apron and I doubtfully asked him "Watchya doin Styles?" He did his cheeky smile and replied "Am baking my princess a cake!"I replied "Aweee..Chef Styles want some help?" He replied "I would love to but first wear your apron and your gloves" I chuckled at his bossy yet cute order and replied "Aye aye captain!" giving him an army salute! He giggled and threw an apron at me.I put on my apron and my gloves as Chef Styles told me to now am ready! I walked over to him,he had his head dug inside the refrigerator so all i could see was his perect brown curls. I the asked him "So Chef Styles what can I do for you?" He popped his head out of the refrigerator with his hand full of all the things required to bake the cake and placed them on the counter. He then said "So miss.Heply-help can you mix the batter of milk and eggs till preheat the oven?" I pretended to run to work as if he was my boss. He noticed me and laughed and then went over to preheat the oven.Oh his laugh is so contageous! I was mixing the batter and it looked quite good. Harry came over and added sugar and other things required in the batter and till then I greeced the baking tray with some butter. Now the only thing was left was to pour the batter in the mould and the wait! But then I thought to myself that it would so regular and usual to bake a cake that way and suddely an idea stuck to my brain! I quickly walked up to Harry and just to fross him out I dipped my finger in the batter and shoved it in my mouth and only sound I made was ''mmmmmmm.."savouring the taste! I saw Harry standing cross-armed looking at me but then he spoke "This is disgusting!"

"No its not"

"You're disgusting ,how do you do that!?"

"Like this." This time I took a little and instead of eating it , bullseye right on the aim! I put the batter on his nose followed by me laughing uncontrolably at him.

"That was uncalled for" He said turning to me 

I then mischeviously said "Yeah!? I didn't know world's hearthrob Harry Styles tastes from his NOSE!"

He looked at me and said "Oh you're gonna pay for it Miss.helpy-help cause nobody messes with Chef Styles!"

" scared!"I was laughing and teasing him when I saw him coming towards me with 'god knows what on earth' in his hand ..I looked at him in fear and said "uh-oh no Styles! Don't you are a good guy..yeah!?"

He said "oh you bet"I was stepping back every now and then and he was getting closer with his famous smirk plastered on his face .He picking up his pace and now I was running around the bakery like hell with Harry chasing me. He grabbed me by my shirt piece and threw the four on my face. He was laughing so hard "Babe you look so...soo..white" He again broke out in other fit of laughter.

I replied "Oh you just wait and watch Styles!" I quickly went to kitchen picked up an egg. Harry was laughing so hard that he couldn't feel me around. I took advantage of the moment and cracked the egg on his head making his perfect choco brown curls drip with yellow york now!

He looked at me with 'No you didn't' look and all I did was laugh with tears streaming down my face! I composed myself a bit said"Aweee..poor Harry.R.I.P dear curls!" saying this I ran off with Harry chasing me.

Suddenly the sound of his footsteps faded and I turned around to look for him..I couldn't see him anywhere but suddenly i felt cold on my back so I turned my head and saw a similar mesh of curls again. My hand reached my back and my jaw dropped ..Harry was laughing badly as he had put ICE in my shirt which was triggling down my back sending 'chills' through my system!I yelled at Harry "Styles! Now you are seriously gonna get it,No one can save you from me you little prick!" I furiously charged towards him.

He stopped laughing and ran for his 'life' with me chasing him. He was shouting random thing like ''aweee poor baby feeling cold" or "Little Em can't get me" He was testing my patience but I was no where gonna let him succeed in his plans so I kept cool and chased him ...He was quite clever he chose the place filled with tables,chairs and pillars ..They all acted as hurdles while chasing him..

Aghhhh this boy is too quick I knew it running wouldn't help me so I quickly made a plan. We were running and i suddenly screamed "Harry look!" pointing towards a glass window making him turn around and slowering his pace... and BOOM! I was on his back sqeezing ketchup on his 'yellow eggy head' He was now trying to get me off his back but my grip was too strong...or maybe he was too strong cause the next minute I was standing in front of him with the same ketchup i used for his 'hair-do' in his hands this hand..

I swiftly in one movement freed myself from his grip and again started 'The Tom and Jerry chase' 

Not knowing where I was running I turned around to see where Harry was and what he was he upto.The next moment I tripped over the table and Harry was right behind me,tripped over me. So he was lyimg on top of me on the bakery floor.Flour on my face,ketchup and egg on bis head.Talk about awkward! Harry smiled at me and I smiled back.

"I brought you something" He said and wiped out ketchup in his hand and before I could say something my hair were RED! 


"Thanks Harry" I said sarcastically and let out a small laugh.

"Anything for you" He said quickly and his lips started getting close to mine. I was getting butterflies,I had never kissed any guy before. I closed the gap between me and him and instantly I felt a shiver go on down my back.We pulled away and once we did Harry had a big smile on his face "I really care about you Em" 


"yeah and I really like you!" He leaned in and gave me a quick peck on my lips before getting up and reaching his hand down to help me. I quickly grabbed ot and stood up.

Our eyes were locked in each-other's eyes! It was so magical ,my first EVER kiss!He smiled at me and asked "Would you like to join me for a movie at my place babe?" 

"Sure I would love to but first I need to clean myself" 

We grabbed some wet tissues and cleaned ourselves a bit and head towards his car.

*skip the car ride*

He opened the door of his massive house and we walked in.It was huge and really well furnished! ofcouse its THE Harry Styles' house.He showed me around. It had a living room,a kitchen,3 big bethrooms and a freaking gaming room! How cool does that sound!His room was massive ,it had a king sized bed,an LED flat screen, a huge glass window with the most exotic view I've ever seen ,a bathroom with a jacoosi ,a dresser and a WALK IN CLOSET! My jaw hanged open!I couldn't believe I was standing in his closet!He showed me around and then said 

"babe you should now take bath.'' 

"I dont have spare clothes Harry" 

He walked into his closet and came after a few minutes with a grey sweats and a T in his hand "You can put these on love" 

I thanked him and went in the bathroom and a took a nice bath. 

I then came out to see a shirtless Harry lying on his bed.I quickly covered my eyes and turned around and said "Could you put on some clothes Harry?! You have people by that I mean a girl at your house,you know!" 

He chuckled and said "c'mon dear am wearing sweats!" 

"yeah right!" I said and turned around and unvovwred my eyes. My eyes travelled down his flawless body and I felt as if some had spelled me..My eyes couldn't leave the sight of his pefectly toned abbs!I was cut outta my thoughts as he said "Like watchya see!" He was smirking at me..aghhh this boy will drive me crazy!..I playfully punched his arm and said "Dream on Styles!" He chuckled and grabbed his clothes and towel before going in the bathroom to take bath.

Till then I combed my hair with my fingers and just sat on his bed waiting for him. 

He came out shirless,water dripping from his curls and wearing just a towel around his waist showing off his v- line making him sexier! 

He cleared his throat with a mischievious smile on his face. I mentally facepalmed myself ..Am sure he must have seen me staring..I looked up at him and he was smiling cheekyly at me and I couldn't help but blush.. 

He then said "I like girls who blush" His comment made me blush even harder.He then went into his closet and came out after a few minutes wearing only his sweats,shirtless AGAIN!

I decided not to stare this time so I just looked at his beautifully carved face.He did his course and offered me his hand which I quickly grabbed and he led me down into the living room. 

I sat there on the couch cross-legged and the moments of our date floating across my head,our food fight, the way he complemented me when he saw,the way he wrapped his hand around my waist making me feel safe and was simply magical!

He came with a blanket and laid over me.I smiled at him as he went back again somewhere but soon returned with 2 cups of hot chocolate! yummmmyyyy! He then asked "You must be starving! Oh dumb question am sure you are starving so tell me what do you wanna have lets order" I replied "Yeah I am and you must also be and I don't know you decide" He placed his index finger on his chin as if he was thinking hard and then she suddenly said "Why don't we order pizza?" I was shocked "So Chef Styles now you can also do brain reading!" He chuckled and said "Aweee you're so adorable" making me blush again and harder this time ..he quickly added "and not to forget I like girls who BLUSH!" O god! Am sure I was looking no less than a tomato..He went off on the phone ordering the food and quickly came back..I asked him "So what movie are we watching?" He put the DVD on play and came and sat next to me ..I put my hot choco on the table so I could wrap my arms around his bare torso..

He then said "Love Actually!"

"Oh my god Styles now I seriously doubt if you can do mind reading cause its my favourite movie"

"Really?Mine too!"

I place my head on his chest and I could hear his heart beating fast so I looked up at him and asked "If you feel uncomfortable I can move"I was shifting but he pulled me again in the same postion this time his head resting on top of mine.

He the said "Babe its just that you are perfect and you make my race.."he then placed a small kiss on my forehead.Aweee how cute he is!

After an hour or so our pizza came and we both were seriously starving we finished everything and were back on the couch watching the movie!

For the rest of the night we cuddled in the blanky on the couch and don't know when but I think I fell asleep in the middle of the movie!

Harry's POV 

The movie was playing but my mind was somewhere else.I was thinking about our date ..about our KISS..i don't if she likes me but she said she likes me..aweee O was thinking how cute she is the way she challenged me ,the way I tease her and then she gives me her angry-adorable look!,the way she blushes when I complemet her, the way she playfully punches me with her tiny fists and the way she looked at my abbs...hahaa.. 

well personally I thought she might like it thts why I decided to put off my shirt and she did.. 

I loved it when she cuddled with at the couch the way she laid her head on my chest..she is perfect! I know she is the one..she has to be the one cz nobody compares to her <<<<-----(see what I did!) 

I looked down at her and found he asleep I stoked the strand of her hair and pinne dit behind her ear..I tried to move without waking her up but she fiddled a bit so I decided to stay there..I kissed he forehead,wrapped my arms around her and pulled closer ..I soon fell asleep cuddling with the girl who is perfect!The girl I want to be with!



Guys the end of their date! 

I really hope you all like it cause I worked really hard on it! 

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Thanks love ya all! 

Enjoy and have fun my sexy mofos 

-Amelia <3

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