Romance at Nando's

My name is Emma and I am from Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. Am just a regular girls who goes to college and work at Nandos. One day I suddenly meet someone at Nandos and there starts a completely new phase of my life.Whose the one who changed Emma's life? Where will this change lead to? What effect will it leave on Emma's life?
Read 'Romance at Nandos' to find out.

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3. chat!

Harry's POV 

Since i left Nando's i couldn't stop thinking about Emma. She was so beautiful..her brown eyes,hers brown hair with those red streaks and her soft pink lips...ohh i want them on mine so badly.. 

I have never felt this way before for any girls..she was just perfect.. 

"Hey bud watchya thinking" Niall asked me. I wasnt really paying attention to what Niall was saying so i just replied "yeah man the chicken was great" He gave me wierd looks and after a few minutes he finally asked me "You really like that babe huh?"..i didnt want to tell anything so soon so i just pretended as if i didmt kniw what he was talking about "Which girl?i dont know what you are talking about bud" he smirked and said "o you perfectly know whom i am talking about yeah?" aghhh these boys know me so well i had to admit " ok ok man yep she was just amazing i wish she could remain in my arms forever!" 

On hearing my reply Niall gave me a wicked smile and i knew what exactly was about to happen. He then did a little irish dance and ran around room screaming "Harry is in love ...Harry is in loooovvee.." All boys came out and started teasing and tickling me..i fell on the floor laughing and all the boys piled upon me.. we then went our room getting ready for our bed! 

I was waiting for something which was making me impatient and i was neither able to sleep nor stay still..i was walking up and down my room like a crazy nut!

Emma's POV 

Hmm..i reached home jumping up and down and now all my enegy was drowned so i juat decided to skip dinner and take a nice long bath before going to bed .. 

i had a long,nice bath ,hot water pouring on my bare back relaxing my muscles and i felt completely fresh afyer that. 

i blow dried my hair and slipped into my cat printed white short shorts with a baby pink tank top. 

i then realised that my cupboard keys were in my jeans i wore today so i took my jeans and started fumbling through its pockets.. 

i found my keys but with that i also found a piece of paper in the hip pocket.. 

i had a number written on it with 'call me ill b waiting..harry xx' 

the moment i read that i saved his my contact list and named him as '' 

i did not want to sound like some despo chick who was dying to talk to him but actually i was dying to talk to him so i just messaged him ''hi..this is Emma from Nando's''

Harry's POV 

gosh am getting restless now almost the whole day has passes but she didnt message..did she not like me! am i that bad? i was lost in my thoughts when i heard my phone bleep.. i quickly grabbed it and read her text..goshh i had been waiting for it for soo long.. 

i quickly texted back 'hey love..watchya doing?xx'

Emma's POV  

he replied within seconds after i texted was not a really big deal ...oh no..yes yes yes it was really a really big deal HARRY STYLES called me 'love'..gosh i couldnt stop blushing. i quickly texted back..but this time i thought to be a bit naughty so i wrote  

To nothing much just thinking about a sexy guy i met at Nando's today ;p

Harry's POV 

she replied quickly ..i was not really expecting what she replied but i liked it soo i replied back " oooo ...m soo excited to meet that sexy,hot ,charming boy..;)"

Emma's POV 

he replied with describing himself as 'charming and hot' and indeed he was but i decided to tease him so i wrote 

To uh-uh i said only SEXY not hot and charming ;p Mr.vain!

Harry's POV 

omg she is so cute..i love the way she tease me.. aghh i cant wait to meet her so i texted her "wanna hangout with me tomorrow at Starbucks and then just goof around the city?"

Emma's POV 

omfg did he just ask me out for a date omg omg omgg.. 

i did a little stupid dance and then replied 

To hmmm..lemme check if i am free..oh superb am free free free.

Harry's POV 

aweee she is sooo cute and cheeky and people call me cheeky they havent met her! i texted her back "yay! ill pick u up from Nando's at 2..bye gn and sweet dreams about me love..xx"

Emma's POV 

aweee this cheeky boy..aweeeee...i just replied  

To yeah ill rather wake all night than dream about you ;p..anyways gn and sleep well..xx

Harry's POV 

i just laughed at her text and decided to go to bed.. 

i couldnt hold my excitment to meet see her beautiful face perfectly carved feautures and those beautiful eyes!!

Emma's POV 

ahhh..i cant sleep whole night..but i still decided to go to bed cause i dont wanna be sleepy tomorrow.. 

Tomorrow is gonna be the best day of my life! with this thought in my mind i went to sleep..


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