I Don't Want You.

Miley is just your normal average 19 year olds girl. She's living her life the way she wants it too be. But Miley has a huge secret. A secret that nobody knows. What happens when Zayn Malik comes in her life ?? Will she stubbornly as she is keep telling him she doesn't like him, or will she fall for him ?? Will Zayn be able to break through her walls ?? Read and find out.



5. Chapter 5.


** Wooowww.. I haven't updated in forever! **



Miley's P.O.V


He looked at me and smirked. I gulped. C'mon babe he said as he grabbed my hand. He pulled me through the grose path. I tried to get my hand free from his grip but he wouldn't let go. All of a sudden i just stopped walking and he almost tripped into the dirt. He tried to pull me forward but i made sure all my weight was on my feet. What the hell do you think you're doing ?? He screamed. I am not coming with you. I didn't want to go on this date and i still don't want to. He brought his waas close to mine. So close i was scared he was going to kiss me. I am going to tell you this one more time love. You are mine. And it will stay that way. And with that he threw me over his shoulder and started walking again. I banged my ists on his back. You bastard put me down and bring me home!! Not untill this date is over he said and laughed. This date is over now. Now put me down! Then all of a sudden a car pulled up next to us and the scariest man i had ever seen in my entire life came out. Well well if that isn't Zayn Malik the guy spat.



** SORRY SORRY SORRY it's so short but this needed to be bc there will be lots of drama in the enxt chapter! **





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