I Don't Want You.

Miley is just your normal average 19 year olds girl. She's living her life the way she wants it too be. But Miley has a huge secret. A secret that nobody knows. What happens when Zayn Malik comes in her life ?? Will she stubbornly as she is keep telling him she doesn't like him, or will she fall for him ?? Will Zayn be able to break through her walls ?? Read and find out.



4. Chapter 4.


Miley's P.O.V



When we were both seated in the car Zayn drove away. There was music playing softly and he was tapping his fingers on the steeringweel. I looked up at him and smiled. Maybe he wasn't that bad after all. Zayn noticed me staring at him and looked up. What's wrong ?? Why are you staring at me doll ?? He said. Oh.. Nothing i replied and looked at my feet again. You don't talk much do you ?? Not when i am being forced to i mumbled. What ?? Nothing. Nothing i said nothing i quickly said. He grabbed my wrist and looked at me. What did you say he hissed through his teeth. A flash of fear covered me. Look at the road i squeeled when the car started shaking. Not until you tell me what you said. Zayn had a tight grip on my wrist and he was hurting me. I took a deep breath. I said that i don't talk when i am being forced to. Zayn had an angry expression on his face but did let my hand go. I rubbed the now sore spot. 


After a while the car pulled over and Zayn motioned for me to get out of the car. I pulled my dress down a bit and followed him. He walked for a while without saying a word. Clearly he was still angry. Where are we going ?? I asked. You'll see he spat. I stopped walking and settled my hands om my hips. Are you coming or what ?? Not untill you tell me where we're going i said with a little shaky voice. He walked towards me and threw me over his shoulder. ZAYN! Put me down right now i squeeled. Naahh i'd rather choose not to i like the view from here. He laughed. The only view you have is my butt i screamed now put me DOWN! That was exactly the view i was talking about love he laughed and while he put me down. I fixed my dress and began walking on my own. We were walking on a muddy path and as soon as i knew my heel was tuck in the ground. When i pulled it out i fell backwards in Zayn's arms. I squeeled. Sshh.. Calm down love i've got you he kissed my neck and then helped me up. I rubbed my neck where his lips were still in. You want another one of those he smirked. I'll pass i spat and walked forwards again, slower this time. Zayn quickly catched up and threw an arm around my shoulders. I pushed him away and walked further. Dick i muttered not knowing he was behind me. He grabbed me from behind again and pulled me close. You want to say that again love. I shook my head and tried to get out of my grip. You sure ?? I nodded again. His head whent to my neck again as he left a few love bites. I slightly moeaned when he bit my skin again. He let me go and smirked down at me. C'mon love we're here. When he walked infront of me again i grabbed my phone and quickly texted Chloe


To: My Boo<3


CHLOEE!! S.O.S you need to save me from him!!! xx


When i about to click the send button Zayn pulled my phone out of my hands. S.O.S ?? You won't be neding saving tonight. He threw my phone to god knows where and pulled me close to him. He had a tight grip on my hips and brought his mouth to my ear. You're mine and i am not letting anyone steal you from me. I shivered from his voice. Before he pulled away he nibbled my earlobe for a while. I swallowed a moan and pushed him away from me.



What will happen between Miley and Zayn ??


Ziley ??


What will Miley do when she finds out who Zayn really is ??


** I'm sorry i haven't updated in like forever. But i was REALLY sad bc of Cory's dead. You guys probably won't know that i'm a Gleek and that Cory was one of my idols. So this literally shattered my heart into a million pieces. Anyways here's the chapter! Hope you like it **



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