I Don't Want You.

Miley is just your normal average 19 year olds girl. She's living her life the way she wants it too be. But Miley has a huge secret. A secret that nobody knows. What happens when Zayn Malik comes in her life ?? Will she stubbornly as she is keep telling him she doesn't like him, or will she fall for him ?? Will Zayn be able to break through her walls ?? Read and find out.



3. Chapter 3.



Miley's P.O.V


When the 40 minutes were over i walked towards the changing rooms. Out of nowhere the guy from outside the shop was infront of me. He casually pushed me towards a walla and settled one of his hands just above my head on the wall. He crossed his legs and looked at my with big brown eyes. I swallowed hard. He was hot. Really hot. He had a tanned skin stubble and the most beautiful eyes i had ever seen. He really had that kinda badboy look. With his leather jacket and stuff. I'm Zayn he said. Zayn Malik. Good for you i replied sarcastically as i tried to push him away. With his free hand he pushed me back. You. Me. Date. Tonight. That's how you ask a girl out? And the answer is no. I'll pick you up at 7'. You don't even know where i live! Trust me Miley i know. And with that he walked away. How did he know me my name? I quickly ran towards the changingrooms where Chloe was waiting for me already. What took you so long? Remember that guy from outside the shop? Yess? His name is Zayn and we are going on a date tonight. She looked at me with wide opened eyes. WHAT??!! I know i know he kind of forced me. Come on we need to go and find a dress. We both threw our clothes to the floor and searched through the shop. After a while i found a beautiful rather short and tight black dress. Chloe? What do you think of this one? Beautiful she stated. Let's go and try it on. It fitted perfectly around my figure. We looked for jewerly and shoes and paid everything. Then we went home to get me ready for my date with Zayn.


** Skipping Car Ride **


Chloe did my hair and i did my make-up myself. When that was done i grabbed the dress and stepped into it. Chloe babe can you zip it up for me? She zipped up the dress and i stepped into my pumps. I took one last look into the mirror and walked downstairs. I grabbed my purse and made sure my wallet ID and phone was in it. When i had zipped up the bag the doorbell rang. I walked towards the door and opened it. Zayn was leaning against the doorframe with a cigarette in his mouth. When he saw me his eyes went wide open. His eyes scanned my body up and down a few times. Wow he stated. Wow in a good or bad way. A good way definetely a good way he said. He kissed my cheek but i pulled my face away. You're gonna mess up my make-up. He groaned and sneaked his arm around my waist. We walked towards his car and he drove away...



What will happen next?


Will Miley fall for Zayn?


What will she do when she finds out who Zayn really is?




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