I Don't Want You.

Miley is just your normal average 19 year olds girl. She's living her life the way she wants it too be. But Miley has a huge secret. A secret that nobody knows. What happens when Zayn Malik comes in her life ?? Will she stubbornly as she is keep telling him she doesn't like him, or will she fall for him ?? Will Zayn be able to break through her walls ?? Read and find out.



2. Chapter 2.



Miley's P.O.V


Miley !! Hurry the fuck up Chloe screamed from downstairs. I'm almost done i screamed back. I quickly applied the last piece of my make-up. I took a glance in the mirror and quickly tightened my ponytail. I walked back into my room and grabbed my sandals. I quickly slipped them on and ran downstairs. I'm here i said. Finally she replied walking out of the kitchen. Here she said and handed me a bowl of cornflakes. We both sat down at the table and just started talking. Can you believe we have our own house now ?? She said and smiled. I know right i laughed. It's hard to believe when just two months ago we lived with our parents. We should really be going i said. I really need new clothes. She shaked her head and laughed. You always need new clothes ! When do you have enough ?? Never i replied and shrugged. She laughed loudly and brought the bowles into the kitchen. I grabbed my carkeys and we walked out of the door.


** Skipping car ride **


Arm in arm we walked into the shoppingcentre. Where are we going first ?? She asked. Topshop we said at the same time. We laughed and walked towards Topshop. When Chloe and me go shopping we are always and i mean always in Topshop. Topshop is probably the most amazing shop in the entire world. When we walked into the shop there was a guy leaning against the door smoking. He was tall and about 20. He grinned as he saw me looking at him. Liking what you see babe ?? I looked at him with a disgusted look. Don't babe me i harshly said as i pushed him away from the opening and pulled Chloe in with me. Dick i muttered as i looked through the shop. Let's just go shopping Chloe said. See you at the changingrooms in 40 mins ?? Yupp i said and gave her a hug. 



What will happen next ??


Who is the mysterious guy ??


Will he come back ??


Tell me what you think should happen.



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