Ssssh..It's 1D's Secret!

Destiny, a new student joins Ikata Academy in the middle of the session and on her first day, comes across Harry. As luck would have it, they have a fight. Will she make friends after that?

Harry, the rude student-president becomes more aggressive. He hates destiny and vice-versa.

Niall, Louis and Zayn are pretending to be like Harry, cold-blooded. But how long will they keep up this facade?

Stacey, the only girl-friend that Destiny has, is hiding something. What could it be?

To make matters worse, Harry and Destiny have to spend two nights alone in the dark forest. With a twist of fate, they become "Friends". He had protected her them. But... From what?

As Harry falls for Destiny, he's not alone, there's Liam too.

Destiny, too likes them. But is confused. Whom will she choose?

Moreover, there's a dark secret. Buried two years back, in the frozen lake, that night. Only Stacey and the 1D's know about it. What exactly happened that night? Does anyone have a clue? I know I do.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (Destiny’s first day)


Destiny's P.O.V


''A cup of coffee please'', I said politely to the waiter at the ‘Harriet’ restaurant. Winter mornings are surely fresh. After finishing with my coffee, I was on my way to Ikata academy.

Joining in the middle of the session, made me even more nervous. Everybody must have chosen their friends. That leaves me with none. Yet I hope to make friends. Disappointment conquered my heart once again but for awhile.

I reached Ikata and the moment I placed my first foot outside the car, damn a cold wind attacked me suddenly. If you know what I mean.

I stood in front of the gate for some time, shivering, yet looking at the buildings. Snow covered the roofs. It looked beautiful. It somehow reminded me of Hogwarts. The school was situated in an exotic location. There was an enormous frozen lake and next to it were the creepy woods.

I’ve crossed the lake, while coming here. The lake was to my right when I sat behind the driver.

Ikata indeed has a unique infrastructure. A leaf fell on my head. I looked up. Than by half kneeling down, I picked up that leaf and pressed it inside my history book. 'Sign of a great morning, ay', I spoke to myself with a sad mind. 'Tomorrow will be a new day. A new atmosphere', I thought aloud and took a deep breath. My nose felt good after inhaling the cold air.

I took out the chain that I was wearing and starred at it. It had my mother's picture. Hope you'll stay with me mother, through the tough times. I spoke to myself, “Daddy has no time for me, so he sent me to this place. He does not even care if I fit in well with the rest of the people in the middle of the session. At least you stay by my side or I'll be left on my own.” I held the chain to my heart for sometime and having kissed it, shoved it back under the layers of clothes that I was wearing. 

I started walking up to the reception. I will be assigned my ROOM here, as instructed by my father. I stood next to the front desk, thinking if I should greet the lady sitting in the reception with the phone next to her ear or I should simply ask her to hand over my keys. I think the first option sounds better as per the etiquette taught by my mother, when I was a child. After the receptionist kept the phone back, I approached her.


''Hello, Can I get the key to my room?'', I let out.

''And you are?'' the lady asked.

''Destiny'', I replied back.

''Destiny Chamberlain?'' She demanded.

''Yes, ma'am'' I replied politely.


''Here you go, Ms, chamberlain. You'll find your room in the next block. Please see to it, that your in time for the student-teacher meet to be held in the evening. Venue: Auditorium around 6:00 PM. And here is your schedule of all the subjects that you opted for, in order to avoid confusion. Have I made myself clear?'' She asked.

''You sure did, ma'am. Thank you. I would certainly show up at 6:00 pm. Have a nice day'' I replied and with that carried my bags outside the reception.

"Wow, what was that? I thought of preparing the whole day for tomorrow and now I'll have to be in some stupid student-teacher meet?! Great!'' I spoke to myself.

'The next block is my destination'' I thought. I reached the next block and climbed up the stairs and stopped right in front of the door for like about ten minutes. And with a huge sigh, pushed open the door. To my surprise, the corridor was empty. Not a single soul in view.

"Anyone in here? Hello?", I spoke aloud. I kinda freaked out. "Yea. Screaming in the corridor is not permitted. Come here", a girl spoke. I walked up to her with my stuffs.


''Where is everybody?" I asked.

"They are in the recreation block, waiting for their pals to return back from their homes."

"Oh. I see."

"Your new here?"

"Yea. Can you help me to find my room?"

"Shove off! Good luck by the way" and she slammed the door right on my face.

"Rude'', I said. I was trying to find the room '667' and at last, I found it. I just wanted to shut myself up in my room and get rid of that awkward feeling.


I pushed open the door and moved in with my stuffs, shutting the door behind. The room was not well-decorated. The curtains were not drawn. The room smelled of dust. <Gross> The bed was huge and next to it, to the right was a bedside table. And to the extreme right, stood a study table with candlesticks and few old books.

The closet was big enough to fit in all my clothes. A new rule book was lying on the other bedside table, to the left of the bed.

The room even had one huge couch and a fireplace, giving the room an ancient look. <The only thing that looked attractive to me> The floor was made out of wood. Without much to do, I jumped on my bed, removing my shoes and snatched the rule book. I was flipping through the pages.


 *No make-up allowed during school hours*                                                                         

*Skirts must be worn with stockings underneath it*


''What the hell! The rulebook sucks! Lame rules, I say!'' I was so annoyed! I threw the book and closed my eyes.

 'Thud thud', came a knocking. I got up quickly and opened the door. It was the same lady from the reception.

"Do you have any idea about the time, Ms. Chamberlain? 15 to 6:00 pm. You must hurry up and get dressed ASAP. The student-teacher meet will start at 6:00 pm'', she said roughly.

*After shutting the door*

"What the fuck! I slept all this time?! I am so dead!'' I spoke to myself. With that, I quickly changed my clothes. Before leaving, I took a last glance at myself in the mirror. 'Ugly', I thought. And I was on my way to the auditorium.

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