Ssssh..It's 1D's Secret!

Destiny, a new student joins Ikata Academy in the middle of the session and on her first day, comes across Harry. As luck would have it, they have a fight. Will she make friends after that?

Harry, the rude student-president becomes more aggressive. He hates destiny and vice-versa.

Niall, Louis and Zayn are pretending to be like Harry, cold-blooded. But how long will they keep up this facade?

Stacey, the only girl-friend that Destiny has, is hiding something. What could it be?

To make matters worse, Harry and Destiny have to spend two nights alone in the dark forest. With a twist of fate, they become "Friends". He had protected her them. But... From what?

As Harry falls for Destiny, he's not alone, there's Liam too.

Destiny, too likes them. But is confused. Whom will she choose?

Moreover, there's a dark secret. Buried two years back, in the frozen lake, that night. Only Stacey and the 1D's know about it. What exactly happened that night? Does anyone have a clue? I know I do.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Introduction)


Stacey's P.O.V


Three years have passed. Yet he rules. How is that possible? Harry, the only son of a millionaire still remains the student-president. Even this time, I didn’t want him to become the president. But luck favored him once again. How does he manage to do that? The whole student-president thing. I suppose he bribed the teachers to elect him as the student-president.


Honestly speaking, I did have a crush on Harry. I mean a BIG crush! <Blush> ‘People do change with time.' C'mon, he is blessed with everything a girl and a boy want. He has his own Money, Power, Luxury, Mansion, Cars etc. Everything we dream of, but... There is always a BIG but, and that is his rudeness.


If you haven't come across an extremely rude chap, do visit Ikata. You'll come across Harry, the rudest person I’ve ever come across in my entire life. It's strange, how a good person like him, turned into a beast.


Three years back, you won't believe how different Harry was. He was cool and so friendly with us GEEKS. I seriously had a die-hard crush on him. Than that bitch, Jane entered Ikata, turning the school upside down. She created a huge barrier between the students and Harry. She was indeed successful in turning Harry into some ugly beast, that we all see now.


To be more specific, Jane was Harry's first-girlfriend. Can you believe it? Every girl would have died to be with Harry, three years back. And that girl stole his heart. How envious, we girls were of her that time. We eyed him from the moment he joined Ikata and that Jane! Her name burns my tongue. No doubt she was the prettiest girl of Ikata. But she was the evilest one too.


I saw that evil spark in her eyes, the moment she entered Ikata. I knew it, things would change later on. My intuitions were once again correct. He did change, drastically. In-fact, everybody changed. Phew! At least Jane left Ikata.


However, Harry has his 4 best friends: Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis by his side 24x7. Frankly speaking, they are more of a puppet. They are pretending to be like harry, rude. But I know them well; they aren't made out of stone. They just wrapped themselves around a plastic and are pretending to be someone, who they aren't.


Today, we are going back to Ikata from our winter break. I really don't feel like going but I can't stay back at my place. I should reach Ikata after exactly <checking my watch> six minutes.


After Stella (my roommate) passed away two years back, I was left on my own. Oh god! Why is it that I can’t let go off that night? Whenever I think about Stella, that night comes in-front of my eyes. Oh boy! Stop thinking. Stacey, you’ve got to stop thinking about the past events. You are not supposed to reveal anything about the past, to the new students. You must follow the instructions passed on by Harry. I kept talking to myself...

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