Love along the beach

Alyssa loves school. Always has and thought she always would. Everyone liked her and she was friendly but when the new bad boy starts in september the way Alyssa feels about school might change...


9. Unexpected

Alyssas P.O.V

I cant stop laughing. Alex is so innocent so it makes it even more funny when something like that happens. Especially with food. Her favourite thing in the world. Zayn takes hold of my hand and we both walk to class together and Niall is trying to reassure Alex that it wasnt too embarrassing even though me and the girls like to wind her up. We get to geography and sit down. I feel my phone buzz as we are leaving class and look at the text. I dont have the number saved on my phone so i look at the text. It might tell me who it is.

From: Unknown; Hey Aly, its 1 of de boys. I really like you, luv u maybe, but ur d8in 1 of my best m8s. Jst wantd u 2 knw... :/

Okaaaay... Maybe they will tell me who it is if i ask.

To: Unknown; Um, who is it?

I wait for a reply.

From: Unknown; i cant and am not tellin... sozz :/

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