Love along the beach

Alyssa loves school. Always has and thought she always would. Everyone liked her and she was friendly but when the new bad boy starts in september the way Alyssa feels about school might change...


10. Pressure

Alyssas P.O.V

Im so tired. I couldnt sleep last night thinking about that text. It was so random, so sudden. I mean one of your friends tells you they love you over text and its one of your boyfriends best friends and you dont know who it is. Who am I supposed to ask for help? I think of Zayn. its one of his best friends and the last thing i want to do is make things awkward between him and his friends. I think of Ava. Well it cant be Niall so thats a plus and Ive seen Harry making eyes at Aurea so i think hes out of the picture. That means its either louis or liam. Well they would have been the two last people I wouldve thought it would be. I get up and dressed and call Zayn. When he arrives I show him the number. "Do you have this number on your phone?" I ask. "I know that number anywhere," says Zayn laughing and putting his arm around me. "Really!? Whose is it?" I say. "Its the phone all 5 of us boys use. Its more of an emergency phone for if one of us run out of credit." says Zayn getting up to get a drink. I wonder. "Where was it last night?" I ask. "Um, it was in our room, we stayed at a hotel last night and it was there on the table all night. Why?"

Zayns P.O.V

I wonder why she wants all this. "Oh I was just wondering, I had a call from it last week and it was just Niall looking for Ava but I had his number so I wanted to know whose phone he was using," she says. "Ok," I say and sit down next to her. I know shes lying straight away. Niall was texting from his phone all last week and was with Ava pretty much the whole time. Why would Alyssa lie to me. Does she know how much it hurts me to think she thinks she cant tell me stuff. "Babe, is there something on your mind?" I ask, maybe she will tell me if i prompt her. "No, why?" she says turning to me. I look in her eyes and there is nothing to hide the guilt shining away in them. Why.

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