Love along the beach

Alyssa loves school. Always has and thought she always would. Everyone liked her and she was friendly but when the new bad boy starts in september the way Alyssa feels about school might change...


1. New faces

Alyssa's P.O.V

im so excited for this year at school. I dont know why it just feels exciting. I walk in to my locker where I see my best friend Alex waiting for me. "Hey!" She says giving me a hug. I havent seen Alex in ages! She went away to america for the summer and I was stuck here in London. "Ill tell you all about my holdiday later," she says "but i heard theres 5 new boys starting this year. I think about 3 of them are in our year, one of them is above and another one is below us," she says. You can always count on alex for information. She knows everything thats going on and I mean we have only been at school 5 minutes and she already knows all this. She will never tell though, where she got the information from. I take out my new timetable and see I have double science first. "Ugh, double science on a monday morning," says alex. "I dont mind," I say, "I like science." We will get our new lab parteners aswell today and i like everyone in our science class so i dont have to worry about getting a rubbish partener. I wave alex of to french and go to my class. Thats when  see someone who looks familiar but definately wasn't at our school last year. He has big brown eyes and a black quiff with a blonde streak in it. Hes wearing a leather jacket too. I think he notices me staring so I quickley look away. Im not sure but I think he could have been smiling.

Zayns P.O.V

"I cant belive paul is making us do this," I say getting into the car. "Hey, its good for us to take a break and at least we can go back to school for a year," says liam. Paul and management want us to take a year off and go back to school and i seem to be the only person against it. "Yeah! It will be fun!" says Niall, who i think is just excited cause he has never been to a british school before. We pull up and walk inside. "Double science," I say and make my way to the science lab asking people how to get there and following signs. I finally get there but when i do i see a girl. She has long brown hair and big green eyes. I see her looking at me and I think she notices me looking at her so she blushes and looks away. I smile. It looks like this school might not be so bad after all.

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