the demon inside

it's about a young girl who has a double personality that cant control anything she does


2. Who is Lizzy?

Jenny's POV

it was 7.00 in the morning and time for me to go to school, i hauled my self out of bed and pulled on my clothes sleepily, not knowing if I've got them on right, i probably hadn't got them on right. i rubbed my eyes and looked in the mirror, turned out I had got them on right.

"JENNY! breakfast!" my mum shouted up the stairs. I shot down the stairs, I wasnt missing my breakfast. i strolled into the kitchen and on the table lay a plate full of pancakes smothered in syrup.

"my faveriot" i said as I sat down in the seat across from my mum. I quickly gobbled the pancakes down . by the times I'd finished it was 7.30 and time for me to get out to the bustop and wait for the bus, but instead i felt funny my stomach was churning and i felt like i was going to be sick, I rushed up stairs to the toilet to be sick, and when i was sick it was just blood that was coming up, what was happening?

it was at this moment when Lizzy came to life

"well precious little Jenny isn't gonna go to school?" she asked in a demonic voice, but i couldn't reply, Lizzy was inside on me and i don't know how, she took over me and i don't know how.

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