the demon inside

it's about a young girl who has a double personality that cant control anything she does


3. Controlling Lizzy

Once Lizzy had dissappeared i cleaned my self up and headed for the door and out to the bus stop, where my friends were standing

"hey Jen" Sophia shouted

i rasied my arm and waved to her as i headed towards them should I tell them about what just happened? or will ssomething happen to them. i just smiled, i wasn't gonna tell them, I'm not having them fearing for their lives. i just wish I knew what this thing was. as i thought that the bus arrived and me and the girls got on and climed up the stairs and took my seat and once again I felt sick oh no, she coming! and at that moment she said, in a husky voice "well hi sophia"

Sophia's POV

suddnely Jen  said "well hi Sophia" in a husky voice, that wasn't like her so i turned around to see Jen with bright red eyes, something was wrong with her, this was deffinately not Jen

"who are you?" I ask her worried about the answer

"I'm Lizzy" she said in her deep husky voice

"no your Jen" I told her

"NO!" she shouted " I'm Lizzy" she continued, then suddenly those red eyes turned back to her normal blue eyes

"what the hell Jen?" i ask pissed with her

"what?" she questioned

"haha funny joke" I yelled

"what joke?" she asked

"with the red eyes and the husky voice" i explained

" I haven't done anything I've been listen to my music" she said holding up her phone, that was mid-way of playing a song

"ok" i said completely confused, and who the hell was Lizzy?

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