Girl 913

Girl 913 is one of the Forbidden and a houseless. An assian but something is about to turn her killer world upside-down. And it comes in the form of Boy 914, but which side will he be on in the war. The say all is fair in love and war but what about being in loven in a war?


1. The chip

Whie carpet, white walls, white curtains, white windowsills, white bed, white shelves, white cuboards, white wardrobe, white rug and a white beanbag make up Girl 913's room. The small white door led to a white walled, white tiled bathroom with a white toilet, sink, bath, fannel, toothbrush and a wicker basket full of white soap and shampoo. White so Girl 913 was the only bright thing in there. But she was the darkest thing in there. In the year 5000 if your Houseless you're often Forbidden and then your a killer. An assassin. The goverment your remote control. Girl 913 looked at her room and flexed her sore arm. Another stupid vaccinations against drugs and gases so you couldn't kill your self. She wasn't that desperate-yet. Her storm-grey eyes ran the room. Her blonde hair was in natural ringlets like a girl from a fariytale. She wore a black tee-shirt withe the red running blood type writing catpion of "Death to dolls" and a doll with an arrow in its head, blue skinny jeans that were torn in quite a few places, silver pumps, a silver bracelet and a silver hairclip.

They said she would come later to the office when the speaker accounced "Raven Nightshade" was to go and see "Mrs Appleton". Mrs Appleton was acutally Mrs Rave a strict goverment offical that commanded the girls. Her colleagues looked after the boys. "Raven Nightshade to see Mrs Appleton, please." Girl stood up and watied for the white metal door to open and then set off along the corridors to Mrs Rave's office.

"This chip you got today will mean you can change your own apperance at will using this." Mrs Rave handed Girl a small silver laptop. "The chip taps into your dna so we will save your current DNA now under the file Girl 913 then you can create avatars and give them different names and personalities and so on. It can also take what you are seeing and transform it into what you would like so you can upgrade your room if you like but not to much it is very expensive to repair. Now of to your room Miss Likea will come by later and give you something else."

Girl nodded swept out of the office and down the corridors to her room. She logged onto the laptop. Her DNA string was meaningless numbers and letters in the file Girl 913. She made a new one. Firestar.


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