Girl 913

Girl 913 is one of the Forbidden and a houseless. An assian but something is about to turn her killer world upside-down. And it comes in the form of Boy 914, but which side will he be on in the war. The say all is fair in love and war but what about being in loven in a war?


2. Boy 914

She had just finished adventrous auburn haired Firestar Redtail when Miss Likea appeared. "Girl 913 are you in?"

"Yes miss."

"Good well you know your friend Girl 901 who was signed onto you?"

Girl remembered 901. She had been kind and tall and slim like Girl. But 901 used to have raven black hair and sky blue eyes. She had dissapered on her 20th birthday. She had taught Girl everything she knew. She had wished she would not become a Tutor.

"Yes?" If she got signed that would mean looking after a new recruit for the rest of her days there.

"Well you've been signed Boy 914. Mrs Rave thought he'd be perfect for you to look after."

Girl looked shocked. She was the first ever girl to be signed a boy and he was the first boy to be signed to a girl. She saw that he was hiding behind Miss Likea. He had big blue-green eyes that were wide with fear but as he smiled she thought he might have a cheeky sparkle in them. His brown hair was swept in a side fringe across his face and he was quite tall actually taller than her. He was really frightened and looked as if he had drill dragons and gargolyes chasing him down.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Girl squeaked.

Mrs Likea was gone. Girl realised that he had some bags at his feet. She realised that when you were signed you had to share a room. She put on a smile and asked him did he like animals.

He had said he loved foxes and as he spoke she realised her Cheie chip was kicking in. A smart black fox appeared at his shoulder with his side fringe and the same big blue-green eyes that made her feel like she was drowning she realised. Boy started as he felt the weight drop on his shoulder with alarm.

"Don't worry," said Girl "It's yours, your animal guardian, your cheie I think my cheie chip and my warp chip that i got today kicked in sorry."

He looked at her as if she was speaking another language. She realised that he hadn't got his chips so she would have to take him to get them tomorrow. God she thought this is much harder than I thought.


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