Count On Me.

This is a poem I wrote after watching a video a little girl reunited with her father after he was serving in the war.
This poem is not about me, as my dad works in IT. Not the war xD.
I hope you like it xxx


1. Count On Me.

Darling, when you look out your window

On a cold, rainy, lonely day. Upset and afraid

The thunder and lightning giving you a scare 

Just hold on tight to your brown fluffy bear. 

The one that I bought you the day you were born

The day we all saw you at the crack of dawn. 

Hold your pretty little head high, 

Don't let the world see you cry. 

For my work here is nearly done,

And I'll be with you with the rising sun. 

Although I may be out at sea, 

You can always count on me. 

For you'll always be daddy's little princess,

My bumblebee. 

No matter what happens you can always count on me. 

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