*Paused* The last Grace (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

After almost getting eaten by my P.E teacher, I didn't think things could get much worse. Well, that was until I found out her best friend was half-donkey! Sorry, half-horse. My name is Selena Phos and this is how my whole world got turned upside down, shaken, stirred, used as maracas and thrown out of the window of the top floor of the Empire State Building. In other words: Trashed.


2. Strange place for a date

I grasp my torch tightly in my hand. I see monsters everywhere. Minotaurs, cyclopes' and others that my mind can't provide names for. They seem to be guarding a set of doors. My heart races as I head away from the danger, marble gate and bronze doors and make my way across the barren, dark earth. After walking for what seemed like days I hear a sound to my right. I turn and point my torch. After a few days of solitude I hope to see someone. In the torch beem I see a girl hunched over a boy, aged around 17, appear in my torch's light. I hesitantly step towards them, my torch flickering.

"Please, Percy," The girl whispered. "Wake up, please." I step forwards again.

"Hello?" I say, my voice wavering. The girl looks sharply at me and her eyes widen.

"Who are you?" She says, drawing her dagger. "Stay back, monster!" She cries. I can hear the fear and weariness in her voice.

"It's ok, I'm not gonna hurt you." I tell her kneeling next to her. "What's your name?" I ask.

"Annabeth. You?"

"Selena," I tell her. "Nice to meet you." I drop my torch. I curse. The light from the torch shines on my shirt. Annabeth gasps.

"You're from camp!" I frown.

"What are you on about?" I tell her. "The last thing I remember is nearly getting eaten by my teachers." The girl nods in understanding.

"Then you're new." She tells me. "I'm not sure what's going on, but when you meet Chiron tell him this. Me and Percy are in trouble and we're lost. Tell him... Tell him we couldn't find the gate to Greece and that-"

"Wait gate to Greece?" Annabeth nods. "Does it look like a  arch with big doors, big pillars and loads of monsters around it?" Hesitantly she nods.

"I think so. How do you know?" I point behind me.

"I've been walking for a while. A couple days I think. I woke up with this torch by a large gate. Loads of monsters talking about someone called Gaia. I just ran and after a few days I reached you." I explain. Annabeth's eyes light up.

"Then we are close! Tell Chiron that we will succeed or die trying." I nod.

"You seem to be in a bit more trouble than me, so here." I reach into my jacket pockets and hand her a small box of pastry squares I had found earlier, but never thought to eat since I wasn't hungry. "I'm not sure what they are, but it's all I have." Annabeth opens the box and takes out a square. She then helps the boy sit up. She feeds him a square and after a few moments his eyes open. He groans. Annabeth looks in my eyes.

"Thank you so much," She tells me. "I hope we meet again soon." She tells me. I look down and see my fading body. A question springs to mind.

"Who's that guy?" I say nodding to the boy on the floor.

"That's Percy, son of Poseidon," Answers Annabeth. "He's also my boyfriend." I smirk.

"Strange place for a date." Annabeth laughs.

"Yeah, Tartarus isn't ideal," She tells me. Before I can ask what she means, darkness falls and I am once again on my own.



A/N: Sorry if it seems rushed. :/ I'm writing about 5 of these at a time and it's tricky. XD I'm trying my best not to let and of you readers down. :) Thanks for giving this movellas a chance and reading it. You guys are great.


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