*Paused* The last Grace (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

After almost getting eaten by my P.E teacher, I didn't think things could get much worse. Well, that was until I found out her best friend was half-donkey! Sorry, half-horse. My name is Selena Phos and this is how my whole world got turned upside down, shaken, stirred, used as maracas and thrown out of the window of the top floor of the Empire State Building. In other words: Trashed.


4. My mom is the Titan of uselessness and my half-brother is a lion

I laugh as Lou Ellen from Hecate cabin gives Travis donkey ears. It had been a couple days since I had arrived at camp and I was already starting to feel at home. The guys in Hermes cabin were great, though you should never, under no circumstances give them access to shaving cream. Another newbie learned that the hard way when he found his sleeping bag full of the stuff.

"Attention campers!" Chiron boomed, stomping his hoof on the floor to get silence. "If you would like to finish your marshmallows and get to bed. Anyone who is not in bed by curfew will be a delicacy for the Harpies."

Lou Ellen returns Travis' ears to normal as everyone else makes their way to their cabins chatting excitedly, none wanting to go to bed, but thinking it was better than being a meal for a chicken lady.

I settle down in my sleeping bag, checking for shaving cream as I do.

"Ok, lights out!" Travis calls.

"Night, guys." I say. A chorus of good-nights echo back. Everyone here is part of one big happy, if slightly dysfunctional, family. "Night, Connor." I whisper to the figure above me in a bed.

"Night, Selena." He whispers back. I smile in the darkness when the lights turn off. I like Connor, I think as I close my eyes. I sigh and get ready to settle down when a blinding light shone on my closed eyes. I groan and shade my eyes.

"Travis." I complain. "Turn the lights back off, man." I hear a few yelps of surprise as I sit up. I open my eyes a crack and see a glowing, white light shine from above me. I start to stand. "What the..." I mutter as I look up. "Whoa!" I fall backwards and land on the floor. Above me shines a shape I can barely make out in the brightness of the light; a half moon I think.

Chiron bursts into the cabin, ducking to avoid hitting his head.

"What's happening?" He asks, out of breath. "I saw a bright light coming out of the..." He trails off as his eyes find the moon above my head. Behind him, crowds all of the campers from the other cabins, while the kids of Hermes are backed against the wall away from me.

All except one; Connor.

He steps towards me and kneels next to me, before looking at Chiron.

"She can't possibly be a child of Artemis, can she? I mean, Artemis is a maiden goddess." He aims the question at Chiron, who shakes his head.

"No. Not Artemis." Chiron says. I stand.

"What's going on, Chiron?" The moon above me starting to fade. I get freaked out when Chiron kneels, the rest of the campers following his lead.

"All hail, Selena. Daughter of..." He hesitates. "Daughter of Selene. Titan of the Moon." Still kneeling, the campers behind him gawp.

Did what Chiron say make me... Make me a kid of a Titan?? Wait. If Selene was my mom, that meant that... My brother is the Nemean Lion?!? It's all too much, I think as Chiron and the other campers stand. All too... The thought trails off as I faint. The last thing I remember is collapsing into the strong arms of Connor.

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