Irish Luck and Love...

Bella is just a normal directioner. (Directioner- Noun- A person or being obsessed with One Direction) Well, almost normal...


6. Which One?

Louis' POV

"So, where do you want to go?" I ask Bella, smiling at her kindly, she just shrugs her shoulders and mutters something about us picking.

"NANDOS!" Niall screams like a two year old, I huff and roll my eyes, he is so not choosing where we go, I'm already ticked off with him as it is!

"No, I think we should go to subway, I feel like carrot!" I argue, looking at the other boys for help of some sort, reinforcement I guess.

Liam's POV

Oh dear, they both like her and they're going to fight for her... This won't be pretty...

I exchanged worried glances with Zayn and Harry, I could instantly tell that they were thinking along the same lines as me...

Harry's POV

I won't lie, she's hot! But this is so not necessary, just because they both like her, it doesn't give them the right to fight over her, especially not in front of her!

"Bella?" I question, making both boys turn and glare at me, Bella look up at me and Zayn and Liam stare  at me open mouthed, "Where do YOU want to go?" I finish, Zayn and Liam turn away, Niall and Louis look expectantly at Bella and she frowns.

Bella's POV

"Ummmm, well, I don't really like chicken, so subway I guess." I answer, smiling at the boys, Niall seems a bit upset or annoyed, I'm not sure why though.

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