Irish Luck and Love...

Bella is just a normal directioner. (Directioner- Noun- A person or being obsessed with One Direction) Well, almost normal...


9. SHH

"Don't say it out loud please," I pleaded taking my hand of her mouth. She nodded promising she wouldn't say my name, "Thankyou," I said relaxing a bit. She brought out our sub's and asked for auto graphs and a quick pic then we left.

"God , that was close..." I sighed. They all nodded in agreement.

"Wait a minuet !" I said looking around us , "Where's Bella ?!?"


Okay Nisky might not be very happy at the length but it's something right ?

Well anyway it was just a filler I felt bad for not like Updating so I had to do something Sorry Nisky for the length......

~Louise xx

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