Irish Luck and Love...

Bella is just a normal directioner. (Directioner- Noun- A person or being obsessed with One Direction) Well, almost normal...


7. Grow Up!

Zayn's POV

"Um, can I use your bathroom quickly first?" Bella asked, we all nodded while Niall and Louis silently fought over who was going to show her to it, they had both said that they would, without hesitation too. I glanced over at Li and Haz, universal sign for, 'Fix It!', I think they got the message.

"Down the hall, up the stairs and first door on the left, Bella." Harry stated, smiling at her.

"Yeah, and I think she can find it on her own, boys!" Liam finished while we all sent a glare at Niall and Louis.

Bella nodded and muttered a thanks before walking off.

"What the hell is wrong with you two?!" Liam whispered-yelled, so that she couldn't hear us, they both looked at me.

"Louis, if you actually liked her then you wouldn't be fighting over her, not in front over anyway!" Harry scolded, Louis looked at him sheepishly before dropping his gaze to the ground.

"And Niall," I started, before he could look smug with himself, "Louis obviously liked her, don't act like it's his fault!" Niall too turned and looked at me sheepishly.

"You are both completely in the wrong, the poor girl is probably freaking out that her idols seem to hate each other when the cameras are off! Grow up and think before you act!" Harry continues, they both mutter a sorry and stare at the ground.

"Not to mention the fact that she's probably only 17!" Liam states with a huff, it was then that they realized what they were doing, they muttered another sorry and both look extremely embarrassed to have to get a lecture off us. 

"Don't apologize to us, apologize to each other and when Bella comes out, apologize to her too!" I finished, they turned to each other and apologized before pulling in for a bromance hug/handshake thing. Just as well too because we started hearing footsteps coming from upstairs, we all looked up and saw Bella walking down them.

"Listen Bella, we're really sorry, we aren't normally complete d***heads." Louis apologized.

"Yeah, sorry Bella, I don't know what got over us." Niall declared, him and Louis both smiled and so did Bella, but for once she looked genuinely happy.

Liam, Harry and I exchanged grateful glances and finally relaxed, maybe we'll be okay after all.

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