It's Where My Demons Hide (Harry Styles Fanfic)

"I have my demons. We all do. They'll come out sooner or later and now you've seen if you're gonna go, go!" Harry said in a bitter tone as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands. Did he really want to dismantle everything we have together? Just when I was about to open up to him, before I knew who he really was, he's giving up on us. I stood up and held in my tears. "No, I'm not going anywhere. I can help you fight your demons. WE can fight them with love, by saying there is a tomorrow. We can fight them by demanding people care. We can fight them with resilience. We are all broken and being vulnerable is scary and hard. We hide our demons. We hide things that don’t need to be hidden." I grabbed Harry's hand and held it tightly as his tears fell from his eyes. "Just let me help..." I pleaded as tears fell from my eyes as well. Harry looked down at me and I saw the goodness inside him.
If hate can love, then what is evil? He can love...


3. I Look After You

I woken up to someone singing and the voice wasn't someone I recognized. I gotten up and rubbed my eyes and yawned. I wasn't at home, I was somewhere I didn't know. There was a glass of water near me on the table and a rag that looked like it had blood on it.

What in the hell happened to me?

"Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, be my baby. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, be my baby. I'll look after you."

I held onto my head, because it was pounding. I don't remember what happened at all. Last thing I remember was walking up to Harry and telling him smoking was unattractive. 


"It's always have and never hold, you've begun to feel like home. What's mine is yours to leave or take what's mine is yours to make your own."

I heard the singing voice again and followed it. I made my way down a hallway, this house was nice, but something didn't feel right about it...


"Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, be my baby." I heard it again and figured out it was coming from the kitchen. I stopped at the door and closed my eyes and sighed. I looked around and there was a guy standing at the stove making something. "Hello...?" I called out, I waited for him to turn around and when he did, my heart stopped and my eyes widened.


"You alright, love?" Harry asked and I didn't answer. I looked behind me and started to run towards the door. Eventually the bastard caught me and held me from behind as I tried to get out of his arms.

"Let me go!" I called. Harry tried calming me down by hushing me. "It's okay, babe." he said. "Don't ever call me that again." I said and eventually tugged hard enough and freed myself. I ran my fingers through my hair as I looked around. "Where the hell am I?" I asked "and why are you here?" Harry sat down on the couch and looked up at me. "This is my house." he said. 


I didn't expect that, I honestly thought he lived in the alley. "What happened to me?" Harry smiled "You running from me and slipped and fell on a sheet of glass. You were bleeding a lot. It kinda scared me."

That's why my head felt like a fucking truck smashed into it.

I saw my sweater on the back of the couch and grabbed it. "Well, thanks." I said as I put it on and flipped my hair above it. "But you don't have to be, like, my body guard, or anything." I said searching for my backpack. Harry narrowed his eyes and looked over. "Okay, well what if I'd hadn't of been there?...what would you do?" I looked up and shrugged. "I don't know, I'd get up when I was ready." I saw my back pack under the end table and grabbed it. "You would of bled too death, Rene'e..." he said.


How did this creep now my name? I just stared back at him, wondering how he did.


"I looked through your backpack and saw it on your papers." he said smiling. "Why did you go through my stuff??" I asked and he shrugged. "I don't know. I liked your essay."

He was talking about the essay I did on the philosophy of life. Or I should say, MY philosophy on life. 

Harry picked up the paper off the end table and read it.

"I can remember as a child always asking myself the "why" questions of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why do certain things happen? And is there really a God? I had always kept these questions to myself and eventually

pushed them out of my mind altogether. I was raised in a Christian household and you just were not allowed to ask questions of that nature and doubt the faith. The world is the way it is because God made it that way and that is all there is to it."  

I shrugged and sat down in the chair next to him. "Do you believe in god, Rene'e?" he asked. I shrugged "I guess." Harry sat down the paper and looked at me. "You're very smart. You seem like you think way too much." I looked down towards the floor and avoided his eye contact. "I guess so." I replied. I looked up at Harry and stared for a moment. "What do you want with me?" I asked. Harry smiled "You're innocent..." he said. "And you're not?" Harry shrugged and smiled "We all have bad in us. Some show it more than others." I gulped and looked away. "I have to go home." I said getting back up and pulled my back pack back up over my shoulder. I opened the door and started to walk outside.   Harry got up and slammed the door shut and looked down at me. I sighed and closed my eyes. "I wanna go home, Harry." I said calmly. "Let me kiss you." he said cupping my chin and I pulled away. "You've already have. Twice!" Harry nodded "Yes, but let me do it once more." he said and tilted my head up as I gaped.   Harry's lips crashed into mine and he kissed me. His body was pressed against mine as he was locking me into his kiss and fingers were tangled in my hair. Harry tried asking for an entrance in my mouth, but I refused to let him. I pulled back and Harry pulled me back in.   "Harry..." I said into his kisses. He didn't stop until I finally pushed him off. " I want to go home!" I demanded.


He smiled and grabbed his keys of the end table and grabbed his coat and gave me his phone. "Hold this for a second." he smiled and put his coat on. I rolled my eyes and sat it down on the table next to mine. We both had the iPhone 5, so he wasn't doing bad with money. 


"Playing hard to get?" he asked. "Trust me, not with you." I replied. He chuckled and nodded as he looked in the mirror and fixed his hair. I waited for him to be done. 


"I can just walk." I said and he turned. "No, let's go." he said and grabbed his phone and I grabbed mine and we left.

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