The Doubt of Moving On

Liam Payne was once in love. He was head over heels for her. He'd take the moon for her. But she did something that not only hurt him but his friends as well. He doesn't know what to do. All he can do is hang on to the past. Hang on to her. But he knows he needs to move on.
Ruby Adams was once happy. She was head over heels for a guy. She loved her brother more than anything. But the guy she loved did something to her which made her do something to her brother. She's a mess. All she can do is mope around. Not care about anything else. But she knows she needs to move on.
When their fates cross paths, will they finally do what they need to do all along?
*Don't need to read Chasing the Sun for this spinoff*


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11


I woke up to the sunlight of the early morning. I had nothing planned today so I immediately went out for a jog. I jogged around the city and through the park with music in my ears. It was 7 in the morning so there was not many people out on the streets. 

I liked going for jogs, it gave me time to think to myself. The breath of fresh air always cleared my head. 

All throughout the jog, I kept catching myself smiling. A small smile would somehow creep up onto my lips. It took me a while to find out it was because of Ruby. Her face always filled my head. Her smile that always made my heart melt. Her red hair that danced in curls. Her brown eyes that looked so much of dark rosewood on a piano, it was pefect. The small freckles the dotted her cheeks. She’s just so perfect.

But that kiss we shared two days ago. It was amazing. The best kiss I’ve ever had. She made my heart flutter and my mind go crazy. I couldn’t form a single coherent word in my head during that kiss. Her lips was soft against mine and moved with mind perfectly. Ruby was the best kiss I’ve had.

That thought then made me think of Elise. I don’t visit her as much as I used to anymore. I visit her two or three times a week which is still more than I would like. I mean, Ruby only visits Ryder once a week and he’s her brother. Granted though she lives three hours away from the hospital but still. Ryder’s her brother and she only sees him once a week. Elise is the girl that hurt and betrayed me and I see her two or three times a week.

It keeps me thinking; have I moved on? I mean, sure I’ve got the most amazing girlfriend ever but Elise is still part of me. I shouldn’t even be visiting her at all. The mere thought of her should repulse me but it doesn’t. I seem to tell her everything still. I like to think i have moved on... but it’s just a question of have i really. If I have moved on, shouldn’t I have stopped visiting her? I can’t seem to find it in me to not visit her.

“Liam!” I heard Ali’s voice call behind me as I walked up the stairs to my apartment. I turned to her and pulled out my earphones and gave her a smile. 

“Hey!” I greeted her and she smiled.

“Did you just get back?” She asked me, her eyes twinkled with he usual happiness she held.

“Yeah.” I nodded and she grinned.

“Come have breakfast with Harry and I.” She grabbed my wrist and dragged up to Harry’s apartment. She opened the door and yelled out that she brought me with her.

“Liam.” Harry grinned as he walked out of the kitchen holding a plate of some pancakes. 

“Hey, mate.” I said and walked to the wooden dining table he had behind the sofa. I sat down opposite Ali and Harry sat in between after he set down the plate.

“Harry, you forgot Liam’s plate.” Ali pointed out with a roll of her eyes. “I’ll go get it.”

“She’s so bossy sometimes.” Harry muttered.

“I heard that!” Ali called out from the kitchen. I just chuckled at their antics. This was so typical of them. As much as they are the most amazing couple, they pick on each other a lot.

Ali came back and handed me a plate and some utensils. I helped myself to three pancakes, syrup and some strawberries. The other two did the same thing.

“This is a very manly breakfast.” I teased Harry and he rolled his eyes.

“It’s Ali’s favourite.” He shrugged and Ali stuck her tongue out at the both of us. 

“You never got to tell us about your date!” Ali chirped as she cut a piece of her pancake.

“That’s what I was avoiding.” I sighed and Ali threw a strawberry at me. 

“How is it, mate?” Harry asked.

“I feel you guys are my parents and Ali’s the annoying mum that’s so happy to hear that I have a girlfriend and you’re the silent dad who’s cheering on the inside.” I told them, blatantly avoiding the subject.

“Liam, if you don’t tell us I swear to god..” Ali started, completely unfazed of my comment. I sighed and put a piece of my pancake into my mouth and chewed ever so slowly. The pair of them groaned and I chuckled.

“It was fun.” I told them.

“Details.” Ali groaned. 

“Okay, okay, keep your wig on.” I joked and Harry rolled his eyes. “We went out for dinner at La Pizzeria we used to always go to before we went on tour. Then we walked around for hours and we went on the London Eye in a private carriage. She was so fascinated. She wouldn’t stop looking out the window, it was like her first time really seeing London. She’s just...” I sighed, unable to conjure up a word good enough to describe her. “She’s moving here in a few weeks, by the way.”

“Did you kiss her?” Harry asked bluntly. Ali started to bounce in her seat and demanding an answer. 

“Yeah, of course.” I chuckled. 

Ali then fired questions at me. “How was it? Was it good? Well, of course it was good. Did you feel the butterflies? Did your heart beat really fast? Details!”

I looked to Harry with an expression on face that clearly said ‘make her stop’. Harry chuckled and said, “did you like it?”

I breathed in relief at the simplicity of his question unlike Ali’s. “Yeah.”

“Ugh, why aren’t you a girl, Liam!?” Ali groaned and I laughed at her.

“Is there anything else?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yeah. She’s my girlfriend now.” I told them and Ali gasped, her lips spreading into a grin. “And, I’m leaving now. Alira, honey, don’t burst into confetti.”

“Oh shut up, Liam.” She glared. “Wait, one more question. Have you, you know, visited, you know...”

“Ali, you can say her name.” I told her and she merely nodded. “I haven’t visited her lately. Last time I saw her was before the date.”

“That’s good then.” She offered a small smile and I returned it. I bid them both goodbye and left to go to mine.

On the way, my phone rang and I answered it. I was greeted with a laugh that was oh so familiar.

“Ruby?” I asked.

“Hey, Liam.” She greeted. “How are you?”

“I’m great,” I answered, “yourself?”

“Excellent. I just finished a lecture and I’m really bored.” 

I chuckled. “Do something then. Eat, paint, write...”

“I have no food, i have absolutely no inspiration and I don’t really understand art.” I wedged the phone in between my ear and my shoulder to fix up the pillows on my lounge.

“I don’t understand art either. I mean, people go to galleries and say things like ‘that is so powerful’ and all it is is black paint smeared all over it with no direction whatsoever.” I said and she laughed, the melody of it making me smile.

“That is so true! I’m too scared to go to art galleries because I’m afraid I might say something insulting about the paintings.” I chuckled at that. “What have you been doing?”

“I went for a jog then i had breakfast with Harry and Alira.” I answered her.

“Oh, what about the other boys?” She asked.

“They don’t usually wake up until noon.” I answered and she laughed.

We ended up talking for hours on the phone. There was never a silence between the two of us. We kept the conversation going until she had to go out to lunch with her little brother and her mum. The idea of the both of us not understanding art made me want to go to an art gallery with her.

The comment of her saying she might insult the artist made me all the more curious of what she’s like at an art gallery. I smiled to myself, she’s so cute.






Ugh, massive writer’s block. Sorry. This was a filler chapter!!!


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