The Doubt of Moving On

Liam Payne was once in love. He was head over heels for her. He'd take the moon for her. But she did something that not only hurt him but his friends as well. He doesn't know what to do. All he can do is hang on to the past. Hang on to her. But he knows he needs to move on.
Ruby Adams was once happy. She was head over heels for a guy. She loved her brother more than anything. But the guy she loved did something to her which made her do something to her brother. She's a mess. All she can do is mope around. Not care about anything else. But she knows she needs to move on.
When their fates cross paths, will they finally do what they need to do all along?
*Don't need to read Chasing the Sun for this spinoff*


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Ruby Adams: When? Where? And what?

Liam Payne: I'll pick you up from wherever you are at 5. I won't tell you what we're doing but you should wear something comfortable. 

Ruby Adams: Oh come on, why can't you tell me?

Liam Payne: It's called cliché first dates. ;)

Ruby Adams: Ew gross. Cliché is gay. My motto. 

Liam Payne: Sometimes clichés are fun, okay. 

Ruby Adams: Whatever you say. 

Liam Payne: Oh you're no fun. Okay, I'll tell you.

Ruby Adams: I'm listening. 

Liam Payne: We're going...

Ruby Adams: ...

Liam Payne: ...


Liam Payne: Dude, chill. We're just going out to dinner at La Pizzeria. 

Ruby Adams: Gee, Liam. You get me soo excited.

Liam Payne: I wasn't finished, god. I'm not a cheapo. 

Ruby Adams: If you don't tell me, you don't get a second date. 

Liam Payne: Who said I wanted a second date?

Ruby Adams: Biggest self esteem boost. 

Liam Payne: Yeah, yeah. By the way, we're going touristing. 

Ruby Adams: Touristing? Are you serious?

Liam Payne: Dude, how many times have you been in London and gone to the London Eye or the Big Ben or y'know the best pie stand. 

Ruby Adams: That is so lame. But it's so cool. 

Liam Payne: I have great ideas. 

Ruby Adams: Okay, Liam Payne. 

Liam Payne: It's true, Ruby Adams. 

Ruby Adams: Well, Liam Payne, I have a class in two minutes. So, shhhhh. 

Liam Payne: Have fun learning. 




Friday finally rolled around and Ruby and I have been texting all week. She seemed so excited about the date. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I was actually so nervous about this date. I mean, I haven't been on a date in ages. That last date I went on was last year in Australia. 

So when I was getting ready I had to ask the whole band and Jake to find out what to wear. Louis started to laugh at me and literally walked out still laughing his head off. Jake looked at me with a crazy look like 'dude, you're Liam Payne' and shook his head. Harry opened up my closet and said 'grab the first thing you see', shrugged an left. Niall didn't do much. He just grabbed one of my beers, sat down on the couch, turned on the tv and shrugged without helping me. But when it came to Zayn, he literally ripped apart my closet looking for clothes i could wear. He's legit a girl when it comes to clothes. 

In the end, he handed me a white t-shirt, a blue button down shirt, black jeans and black shoes. I thanked Zayn and he nodded and left my apartment. I fixed up my hair dozens of times, even though it didn't change at all. 

"Niall, I'm leaving. Lock the door when you leave." I told him as I picked up my keys and walked out the door. I heard him yell okay as I walked down the stairs. 

I walked the couple of blocks to her friend's house. I kept brushing my hands down my shirt to straighten out the non-existent creases. I was nervous and it was so obvious. 

I pressed the buzzer for the room and she buzzed back to open the door. I walked through and up the three flights of stairs to the apartment. I knocked three times and the door swung open to reveal Ruby. 

Her hair was straightened out and fell to her hips. Her face had light natural make up. She wore white skinny jeans with rips on the side, showing off her natural tan and her nice skinny legs. She had black high top converses on her small little feet. Her upper body was covered in a black t-shirt and a camo military jacket with the sleeves rolled to her elbows. She had a silver chained bracelet with a heart on her small left wrist and a matching necklace around her neck. 

"You look great." I complimented with a smile. 

"Thank you." She grinned, her brown eyes lighting up. "So do you."

"I am Liam Payne." I said in a mocking narcissistic way. 

"Who's Liam Payne?" She teased as she stepped outside and closed the door behind her. 

“I find that insulting.” I gasped.

“Whatever, egotistical celebrity.” She rolled her eyes and laughed.

I held open the door as we walked out of the building. I nodded my head in the direction of the pizzeria. We walked in an awkward silence which scared the hell out of me. I’m usually really good at talking to people, i have a good charisma according to other people. But at that moment I had no idea how to talk to her.

She had her hands in her pockets as she stared straight ahead. Her pink lips were pursed and her eyebrows slightly furrowed. I cleared my throat awkwardly.

“It’s a nice night out.” I said slowly, the awkwardness hanging in the air.

“Really, Liam? Small talk?” Ruby raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, it was that or about my band so I chose the one that didn’t make me seem so narcissistic.” I shrugged.

“I’d actually like to hear about your band.” She answered. I raised my eyebrows and she nodded honestly.

So I proceeded to tell her about the band. I told her about the numerous awards we’ve gotten, the interviews, the x factor. I talked about the concerts and the thrilling feel of them. I told her about the nights on the tour bus on tour. By the time I finished talking to her about a particular bus ride, we finished our pizzas.

“I feel like I talked off my tongue.” I told her once we left the pizzeria.

“No, no. I like hearing you talk.” She shrugged with a smile.

“Thank you?” I said but it came out more like a question.

She just laughed. “Where to now, Mr Tourist?”

“The London Eye!” I boomed and people looked our way. Ruby immediately clapped her hand over my mouth and apologised to the onlookers.

“I’m beginning to regret saying yes to this date.” She teased with a bump of her hip.

“You’d regret it even more if you said no.” I singsonged and she rolled her eyes.

We strode down to the big ferris wheel, talking about random things. She spoke about her university and how her schedules becoming even more hectic now that summer was coming up in two months. Once we were onboard a private capsule in the London Eye, we immediately sat down on the bench.

“Did I tell you I’m transferring to the University of London?” She said as she sat cross legged face me. I straightened up and turned to her.

“No, you didn’t.” I answered. “Does that mean you’re getting that place you told me about?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m going to buy it. I don’t see the point in renting.”

“That’s great, Ruby.” I smiled.

“Yeah, so I’m going to need some help unpacking.” She hinted.

“Oh really?” I teased, knowing full well she meant me. She punched my shoulder and I clutched it in pain. “Ow!”

“You deserved that. Come one, Liam. Help me unpack?” She pouted with puppy dog eyes.

“Of course I will. When are you moving?” I asked her.

“I still have to finalise all the papers and stuff. Then I have to actually pack the stuff, so maybe in a month or three weeks?” She answered.

“I could help you pack.” I offered.

She shook her head with a smile. “No, it’s okay. I actually have most of the unnecessary things packed. I just have to pack the other stuff.”

I nodded my head. “Okay, just call me up if you do and when you are moving.”

She thanked me then turned to face out the window. We were on top of the Eye now and we could see London and all its pretty lights. She looked so mesmerised as she stood up and walked over to the window. Her nose was pressed up against the glass as she watched the tiny cars drive in the night light.

“London’s beautiful.” She whispered.

“Told you touristing is fun.” I teased and she punched my shoulder again. “Okay, woah violent.” I joked and I got punched again.

Once the ride was over, we walked wherever we wanted to. She showed me places i’ve never heard of before. I showed her hidden places the boys and I have discovered when hiding from people. All in all it was a beautiful date. I’ve never had fun with someone on a date before. It was amazing.

I walked her to the building she was staying at then she turned to me and she said, “So...”

“So...” I answered. The awkward end-of-date conversation was coming up.

“This is me.” She said and I nodded. She bit her lip and told me that she had fun on the date. “It really was great, Liam. I’ve never had this much fun with someo-”

I cut her off by grabbing her face and kissing her lips. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just kep watching her lips move in an edible way. I wanted to know what she tasted like. And man, she tasted beautiful. Her lips tasted like raspberry and her scent was strong in my nose, a mix of lavender and vanilla.

Her lips molded with mine and I kissed her with everything I had. My stomach was churning and my heart was missing beats and my palms were sweating and I just couldn’t stop kissing her. Then I pulled away slowly, wanting to savour the taste of her raspberry lips on mine.

“Wow.” She breathed.

“Yeah.” I said shakily. I finally stepped back from her, my hands trailing from her face to her hands.

“That was...” She started.

And I answered with, “Yeah.”

I leaned back in and kissed her again. I couldn’t help myself. If a kiss was that amazing you’d want it too. 

“I know this was just the first date and we’ve only ever seen each other a few times but will you be my girlfriend?” I asked her before I chickened out. She smiled and brought my head down to her lips.

“Yeah.” She breathed as she pulled away. I grinned and kissed her for the fourth time in less than three minutes.






Now that I finished this chapter I realised how laaaaaaaame touristing is. My god. Where did i get that idea from. Gross.


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