The Doubt of Moving On

Liam Payne was once in love. He was head over heels for her. He'd take the moon for her. But she did something that not only hurt him but his friends as well. He doesn't know what to do. All he can do is hang on to the past. Hang on to her. But he knows he needs to move on.
Ruby Adams was once happy. She was head over heels for a guy. She loved her brother more than anything. But the guy she loved did something to her which made her do something to her brother. She's a mess. All she can do is mope around. Not care about anything else. But she knows she needs to move on.
When their fates cross paths, will they finally do what they need to do all along?
*Don't need to read Chasing the Sun for this spinoff*


1. Prologue



“Liam...” Niall started to say as he put a hand on Liam’s shoulder. Niall’s face showed grief, shock and guilt. Liam didn’t understand why his face showed that. They were at the hospital for Alira and Louis, he can show grief all he wants. Hell, Liam felt grief as well. But shocked and guilt? That, he did not understand. 

Louis and Alira were in the hospital because they were kidnapped. They were injured for a whole week. Then on the fight to get them back three other people where injured. One was Jake, Jenna’s boyfriend, and the other two he was not entirely sure of. He has been anxious for over a week. His best friends were gone and they had no idea were they were. Now that they’re back and safe he felt a little relieved. But his girlfriend wasn’t there. 

Liam wished Elise was there with him. Liam has no idea where she is. She never came back after Harry said that they might have a lead. Liam wanted so badly to go look for her but they all told him to give her space. So, he gave her space. He gave her time to come back but she never did. 

“Do you know where Elise is?” Liam asked a little impatiently. She should be here with us, Liam thought, Alira and Louis are her friends after all.

“Liam.” Niall said again, “please listen. When we found Ali and Louis, we found Sam in there.” Liam opened his mouth to put in a sarcastic remark because that was obvious. Sam was their kidnapper. But Niall continued on, “as well as someone else.”

“What do you mean ‘as well as someone else’?” Liam asked a little bitterly. He just wanted Niall to get it over and done with.

“Elise.” Niall paused as he let it sink into Liam’s head, “Elise was in there as well.”

Liam was shocked. Beyond shocked. In fact he was angry that he’d say something completely outraging. “Elise!? The same Elise that rushed to Ali’s side when Louis was being a dick? The same innocent Elise that we all know and love? Elise, my girlfriend?” Liam shouted.

“Yes, that Elise.” Niall said sadly.

“No, it can’t be! Elise would never do that! Ali was a great friend to her! She would never!” Liam yelled over and over. 

Niall tried to calm him down. “Liam-” 

“No! Shut up, Niall! You’re lying! I know you are.” But Liam’s voice started to lower as he lost hope in searching for a silver lining. He just couldn’t believe that Elise would do that to Ali and him. He searched every inch of Niall’s face, trying to find a crack but he fail of course.

“I’m not lying, Liam. Here’s a recording. You can listen to it yourself.” Niall handed Liam his girlfriend, Georgia’s phone.

Liam just stared at the object in his hand. He didn’t want to believe Niall but having cold, hard evidence in his hand is starting to make him think otherwise. He was afraid to hear what his innocent Elise is really like. But he pressed play nonetheless and listened with his heart beating rapidly.

“I was playing the whole part, you idiot.” Elise’s voice spat. “I can’t believe you all bought it.”

“Of course we all bought it. You were so nice to all of us!” Louis’ voice answered Elise’s.

“It’s called acting, Louis. Try it some time. It’s all for the money.” Elise said psychotically.

Liam angrily locked the screen of the phone, handed it to Niall and stormed out of the hospital. He paced back and forth as his mind and heart ran wild. Anger coursed all through his veins and his hand curled into fists. He yelled out in frustration and drove his right fist into the wall. He kept punching it until the pain in his hand was greater than the pain in his heart.

He walked back inside as calmly as he could. But once he saw the worried expressions on everyone there- Harry, Niall, Eleanor, Georgia, Jenna and Zayn- he broke down crying on his knees. Crying because his girlfriend betrayed him, crying because his friends were in hospital, crying because everything seemed to go downhill. Everything inside was hurting. 

The doctor came out to talk to them all after a few hours. Liam was numb by then. He cried for an hour until he had no more tears to shed. Now he was all numb and frozen. 

The doctor walked up to the group of them and gave the the results. “Are you here for Alira Somers, Louis Tomlinson, Jake Smith, Elise Kinzen and Sam Laurence?” They all nodded their heads, unable to speak. “Alira Somers and Louis Tomlinson are currently in a drug induced coma for their bodies to heal. Alira will have scars all over her body as her stabs and wounds will heal. She also has a minor head injury but that will heal in time. Louis has deep cuts on the sides of his body and he has a few broken ribs and muscle damage in his left leg. 

Jake Smith is currently in a coma, the bullet missed his heart and any important arteries which is good. We are unsure as to when he will wake up but my guess is at least 3 weeks. 

Elise Kinzen is in a critical state. The bullet was lodged deep in her body. It was wedged in between her heart and her stomach. We were able to get it out. However due to great blood loss and some blood transfusions she’s in a bad state. She’s currently in ICU.

And Sam Laurence...We tried everything we could but we couldn’t save her. She’s dead.” He said solemnly. 

“Thank you, doctor.” Zayn said in a neutral voice and the doctor nodded.

“If there are any questions, feel free to ask me.” He said.

“Wait, doc, when can we visit them?” Eleanor asked him.

“You can go see Alira and Louis right away, they’re in adjoining rooms. But you’re only allowed one person at a time until they’re awake. You can visit Jake as well, he’s in the room opposite to the other two. Elise is in another ward but you can still visit her and that’s only one person at a time.” He answered and told them the room number for each person. The group thanked him and they fell back into a silence.

“Harry and El should visit Ali and Louis first.” Niall said after some time. “And Jenna, you can go visit Jake.”

Everyone agreed and got up to leave but Liam remained seated. They all turned to face him and with a vacant expression and in a robotic voice he said to them, “I’m going to go see Elise.” 

They nodded their heads and Liam turned around and went the opposite way with his head hung low. He was angry, upset and hurt. He didn’t know what to expect when he sees her. But he went anyway because he felt like he has to.




Ruby rushed through the hospital. The blood still wet on her hands despite the fact that it was from half an hour before. Her face was panic-stricken, she couldn’t believe that that just happened. She blamed everything on herself. 

The kind male nurse told her to wait outside because she wasn’t allowed in the surgery room but she should go get herself checked out as well. But she barely heard him speak because her mind was still racing and the waterworks wouldn’t shut off.

Her twin brother, Ryder, and her were on the highway. He took her out because she spent too long cooped up in her room and crying her eyes out. And that was because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her a few days ago and she hasn’t stopped crying ever since. So he took her to go somewhere else to take her mind off him. Somewhere along the road they got into a fight, she wanted to go back home and sit there and cry. He wanted to keep going so she doesn’t cry anymore. She was so infuriated that she grabbed hold of the wheel in desperation to turn around. 

She knew it was stupid. She knew that it was risky. But at the time she didn’t think about any of that. All she could think about was going home and crying more and not going anywhere. 

So in the midst of her desperate attempt to turn around, Ryder jerked the wheel back and the car flipped. The car turned all the way down the road many times and the whole time Ruby was fretting it. When the car stopped while it was over turned, she found that she was conscious but her whole body ached. When she looked at Ryder she saw that he was in a worse state than she was. 

She couldn’t get out and help him so she opted to yell out for help. Someone came eventually and called the ambulance. While she waited for the ambulance she started to shake him to wake him up. She yelled for him to be alive, she apologized for putting him like this. She tried everything she could for him to wake. 

Not once did he wake up. 

So now they were in a hospital, Ryder was in surgery and Ruby couldn’t walk away from the door to his surgery room. She was frozen on the floor. Her head in her hands, sobbing. She was sorry. She couldn’t believe she was that stupid to grab the wheel while he was driving. 

Hours later, a doctor finally came out of the room. He paused once he caught sight of Ruby on the floor. She was a wreck. Her cheeks were stained with dry tears. Her lips were cracked. Her ruby red hair was disheveled and her chocolate brown eyes were far away.

“Miss?” The doctor said, crouching down in front of her. “Miss?”

Her eyes snapped back to the doctor crouched in front of her. She immediately stood up and as did the man. “What’s happened? Is he okay? Please tell me he’s okay.” She begged.

“Ryder’s fine. Except he’s got severe injuries to his head. He’s fallen into a coma in the time being.” He said in calm voice. Her eyes glistened with tears that threatened to fall.

“How long?” She whispered.

“I’m unsure of that.” He answered. Then he looked over her body. He found gashes on her arms and her jeans were teared on her thigh and it was coated with dried blood. “Maybe you should get checked up.”

“No, no! I can’t leave him!” Ruby sobbed.

“He’ll still be there, sweetie. I’ll check you out myself.” He suggested.

Her chest started racking with big sobs. Her head started to go dizzy. She was too emotional to answer. The tears wouldn’t stop. Then suddenly the room started to vibrate. Everything around her started moving; up and down, this way and that. She couldn’t get a hold on anything. She let out a scream before blackness engulfed her.

When she came to, she found herself in a semi-comfortable bed with wires attached to her body and an incessant beeping. She was disoriented and her vision was blurry. She didn’t exactly know what happened. When she was fully awake the doctor came in and gave her a brief result on her examination. She had bruised ribs and a sprained ankle. He also informed her that she has a mild case of anxiety that seems to be building up and the stress of these events could put her into a worse condition.

They moved Ruby into Ryder’s room so she can be with him as she stayed there for the next three weeks. One night she got out of bed and sat at the foot of Ryder’s bed. She watched him lie motionless with the beeping in the background. 

“Ryder, it’s all my fault.” She sighed before letting the tears fall. “I’m so sorry.”






I hope you guys liked it! I’m kind of worried that you won’t. I hope this would be a great spin-off to Chasing The Sun. Anyway, please give me feedback!!


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